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Quinn drops the hammer; on his staff...

Let it not be said that Jeff Quinn takes failure lightly. After a dismal season in which the UB offense went from a week one high, against a middling FCS team, to complete and total irrelevance Jeff Quinn has dismissed offensive Coordinator Greg Forrest and Wide Receivers Coach Juan Taylor.

Buffalo lost its last three games to some of the nations worst teams and the offense was wholly to blame. Near the bottom of the NCAA in just about every meaningful category the unit looked solid in just two games (Rhode Island and Bowling Green).

Most people agree that UB's issues were on the Line and behind center. With a deep stable of Running backs and wide receivers who defied all expectations the Bulls should have been able to be somewhat productive this year. Instead things regressed all year.

The exclamation point was the finally at Akron...

Category Actual Conf National
Rushing Offense 113.42 9 T-102
Passing Offense 184.25 7 87
Total Offense 297.67 11 111
Scoring Offense 14.17 13 120
Passing Efficiency 92.86 13 120
Sacks 1.33 11 101

Forest was credited as being the key in the development of two-time All-Big East quarterback Tony Pike. His work helped the Bearcats score a school record 502 points in 2009, while UC won its second straight Big East title. Prior to arriving at Cincinnati, he spent three years with the Chips.

Juan Taylor was the last holdover from the Turner Gill Staff and did an amazing job developing UB's receiving corps into one of the better units in the MAC. A year after losing Roosevelt, Hamlin, and Rack Taylor turned a group of young and mostly unaccomplished receivers into about the only bright spot of UB's offense.


Time to play is the Glass half empty or is the glass half full?

The Glass is half Full if: Quinn Acted and that's good enough. There were clearly some real problems with the offense and it seems the coach is going to try to bring someone in who can fix the crime against nature that was UB's attempts to move the ball.

The Glass is Half Empty if: Why Taylor? This *cant* be because you're unhappy with what the receivers did this season? Ill grant you they had their moments dropping the ball here and there but on the whole they were the only offensive unit that brought it every week.

I tend to lean towards half empty but with one note; I doubt Taylor is here next year one way or the other.

From what I hear he had some pretty nice offers last summer but wanted to finish out his contract at UB. I would be amazed if a position which is *at least* as good as the one at Buffalo lands in his lap. I mean after all there are four MAC teams building Coaching staffs this season, to say nothing about the interest he had generated from some AQ schools.

But even though I think he is gone either way I would love to be privy to just what he did to be dismissed? Was the performance of *freshman* Neutz, or Lee not good enough? Was the improvement in Rivers not worthy of staying on board. Heck if anything Taylor should have replaced forest (doubtful because I don't think he is as married to the spread as Quinn seems to be).

Whatever the reason UB was better with Taylor than I think they will be without...

Well at least I am not left out of the annual coaching search rituals.