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Who won the Heisman in 2010? Who cares, Bloggers pick their own!

It's the Cam Newton Heisman show on all the sports wires. It's pretty fair to call Mr Newton the 2010 Heisman Trophy Winner. If he survived the off the field drama to date it's hard to think anything that gets between him and the Heisman. In the spirit of the SBNation Blog Poll I decided to throw up a set of Blogger Awards open to College football bloggers.

Unfortunately I started it way too late this season but seven other bloggers still stepped up to voice our selections for these awards. Next season I start this in week five.

From the Rumble Seat Ballot BC Interruption Ballot Mountain West Ballot
Cowboys Ride for Free Ballot Miner Rush Ballot Dawg Sports Ballot
  Voodoo Five Ballot


And The Results are:

The Best though came from DawgSports who abstained from the Heisman votes:

Not Cam Newton. I don't know how to say this other than to say it: I find the notion that Cecil Newton would require $180,000 for his son to attend Mississippi State but allow him to attend Auburn for free laughable, to the point that anyone who believes this to have been the case is either deluding himself (as I would if these kind of allegations were levelled against Aaron Murray, for example) or simply not very bright. Cameron Newton's services were bought and paid for. Not by anyone employed by Auburn, but by someone willing to spend a lot of money to get a very good football player to attend Auburn.

Spare me the "Cam didn't know" spiel. As an attorney I'm a big believer in the principle of "agency." That is, when you choose to allow someone to represent you in an enterprise with the hope that you'll benefit from it, you must also accept the responsibility when your agent acts to your detriment. Cam Newton was an adult during his second round of recruiting. He chose to allow his father input in that process. His father pimped out his services. I have no doubt that Cameron Newton will win the Heisman Trophy. I also have no doubt that he will eventually have to give that award back. Other than that, I abstain.

Heisman: Coach of the Year: Bednarik O'Brien
Cam Newton (21) Chip Kelly (13) Luke Kuechly (18) Kellen Moore (16)
Andrew Luck (6) Mark Dantanio (7) DaQuan Bowers (14) Andrew Luck (9)
Kellen Moore (5) CHris Ault (5) Nick Fairly (3) Cam Newton (8)
    Patrick Peterson (3)  
Walker Biletnikoff Mackey Outland
LaMichael James (21) Justin Blackmon (19) Michael Egnew (15) Gabe Carimi (15)
Kendall Hunter (9) Alshon Jeffery (11) Ladarius Greene (11) Rodney Hudson (11)
Chad Spann (4) Ryan Broyles (6) D.J/ Williams (6) Nate Solder (8)
Hendricks Thorpe Butkus Groza
DaQuan Bowers (20) Mark Barron (13) Luke Kuechly (17) Chris Hazley (11)
Ryan Kerrigan (11) Prince Amukamara (9) Nate Irving (9) Dan Bailey (6)
Sam Acho (2) Tejay Johnson (5) Von Miller (8) Alex Henry (5)
Adrian Clayborn (2)      
Chas Henry (13)      
Quinn Sharp (9)      
Ben Skear (5)