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MAC Power Rankings as Directed by James Cameron

Rank Team    
1 Northern Illinois The Terminator: Every one the target they take down, the Huskies are undefeated in the conference and marching towards their goal of winning the MACC. The are at or near the top in almost every offensive category in the conference.
2 Temple Rambo First Blood Part II: Cast aside and forgotten by the Big East the Owls are working year by year towards climbing back into a power position in college football. So far they have cast aside almost all comers this season.
3 Toledo Avatar: They are big, they are blue, and they have an impending battle against the power of the conference. Coach Beckman joined the rockets and quickly organized them into a force in the conference.
4 Ohio Piranha II The Spawning: Boo Jackson is one of the top QB's in the conference, he and Ohio are hoping for a sequel of last season when they ate division leader Temple alive. In this years version they will have to do in in Philadelphia.
5 Miami Spider Man: Miami started the season out as a puny geek. Somewhere along the way the RedHawks turned into a division contender and have a real shot at getting into a bowl game. The Dysert to Robinson connection has produced the fourth best QB and the fifth best Receiver in the conference.
6 Kent State Point Break: Kent is on a path which may lead to another losing season, something which has happened all but one time under Coach Martin. At some point in time the Kent Athletic Director will have to add Doug Martin to the gang of "Ex Head Coaches"
7 Western Michigan Last Action Hero: In the right setting Western Michigan looked like they might be a bowl team but they hit reality this week in Mount Pleasant, and it turns out in the real world they will at best limp to a six and six record.
8 Bowling Green Solaris: This season has to feel a little like hell for the Falcons. Fans can only cling to the memories and hopes that Coach Clawsons firs season generated. They are 12th in offense and 10th in defense this year.
9 Central Michigan Aliens: Something has found it's way into the gut of the once mighty Chips and has spent this year festering. Win over WMU aside this has been an awful season for the Chips. They are coughing up the ball worse than 116 other D1A teams.
10 Eastern Michigan Sanctum: The Eagles may be building towards something worth watching but they are still at least a year away from becoming the kind of team you would want to watch week in and week out.
11 Buffalo True Lies: Jeff Quinn was supposed to bring in a high powered offense to Buffalo but its been anything but fireworks for Buffalo. UB has just 7 points in the 4th quarter and six points in the first this season.
12 Ball State Titanic: Stan Parish took possession of a team that had won the MAC, won 12 of 14 games and was getting better every season. With the wind at his back Stan managed to take the program straight into an iceberg and to the bottom of the west in just two years.
13 Akron The Abyss: Akron hits new depths every week on their march towards a winless season. Through six games last season Patrick Nicely had six touchdowns and six interceptions, this season he has four touchdown and nine interceptions.