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Equipment and Tools needed by Remote Mid Major Fans

Fans who want to really follow their team from half way across the country have a few options

  • Good cell phone: The up side is that chances are your life can't revolve around your team because nobody in your world cares about your team. UB have a late game on Thursday? Your boss doesn't care, your coworkers don't care, and chances are your wife is pretty indifferent. So you can count on those weekday games usually falling victim to the rest of your life.
  • Decent Computer: While you could use the cell phone to hit up the fan sites after games a good laptop is the perfect tool to talk smack, defended your ailing team, or pick up a rock and chuck it like the mindless, hopeless, loveless, bitter mid major fan that you are.

    The Computer you get should have a decent amount of video ram for 'future use' with a nice....

  • Television: The advents of streaming sites has made that handy little laptop better than any cable box. Most teams offer pretty affordable plans for their home games and most conferences offer up an "À la carte"method for those pesky road games.

This week continues the saga of Johnny BullFan