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Quinnage: Weekly MAC Teleconference

Usual Press Conference Stuff, from now on I will get this up sooner:

Best Quote: "3 Points is not going to cut it in this league"

I am forced to wonder what league one could get away with scoring three points in?

Quinn talked about how Davis got caught "A little" by surprise. It was more than a little but Quinn was pretty blunt about the mental mistakes. The Davis / Dennison over Johnson / Warden was made on experience. Quinn is looking to win this week more than prep for the off season.

Coach had a lot of nice things to say about Dennison, after his play on special teams this week it's pretty deserved. I don't know if I am comfortable with either of these guys behind center but I am thrilled at the prospect of them finding another place on the team.

He was also lauding praise on the defense (Mack, Means, Cook, Shannon). Mack is "the number one guy" to surprise Quinn this season.

Listen for yourself: - MAC Teleconfernece - Quinn