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Bull Nation Stampede - How does a fan recover from that 'game'

Bull Run Stampede is a feature in which Buffalo fans who have been there for the bad to good to bad times give their take on aspects of the program, the last game, and games to come. Participants include BullsFanInChiTown, UB2010, BRJACR, and BC Bull.


So how, exactly, does one recover from that game? We can of course try to giv ourselves the excuse that we lost the only thing close to a serviceable QB on the roster while we were driving to take the first lead of the game and that is about the only true mitigating factor.

I decided not to throw the question out there until late Sunday night so the guys would have some time to digest it all. Truth be known I am now a lot less upset about the loss than I was on Friday. I still have more questions now than I did Thursday night but the reality that if Zordich stays vertical we are at least in that game has helped.

Of course right after I got to that point it was announced that Zordich would miss the rest of the season which leaves us with far more quesion that we had going into the game. Zordich was the one QB on the roster who was not regressing as the season went on, Quinn now has some thining to do on who replaces him.

So a lot of the questions this round table have to do with UB entering a full fledged rebuilding mindset. We may not win a game so what should we be trying to get out of these least two weeks of practice?

1) The best description of this weeks game came from BRJ who described the game as a "Dumpster Fire", I prefer "Crime Against Nature". In one sentence describe the debacle against Ball State.

Chi Town: I don’t even know where to start…

2010: Regression to our negative checkered past.    Or Scared S&^! less for our future.

BRJ: Seeing that I have already used "Dumpster Fire", I'm going to go with a Rob Schneider quote from The Waterboy in his role as the Townie, "Oh No!, We Suck Again!"


Yes my hillbilly friend yes we do....

BCBull: As bad as it gets (hopefully).

2) Obviously losing Zordich fries two weeks of development that he really could have used. Coach Forrest is now left with a choice, he can either stick with one of the sophomores or burn a red shirt. Is there any value in preserving a redshirt when the Bulls will start camp with a Junior, three sophomores, and at least two freshman next season? Is there another compelling reason, aside from saving a red shirt, to go with Davis or Dennison over Warden or Johnson?

Chi Town: I say let Warden or Johnson start, and play the final two games. People need to keep in mind that just because someone doesn’t redshirt their freshman year, doesn’t mean they can’t be redshirted. If next year, Warden or Johnson are buried in the depth chart, then they can get redshirted then. There is no experience better then in game experience. Let Warden or Johnson go out there and show everyone what they got.

2010: I think we are all hoping that Licata is going to be the QB of the future.  That being the plan, then I have no problem burning a redshirt year this late in the season.   I killed Davis all summer and then I jumped on his bandwagon very early in the season.  Now my legs are both broken jumping back off the bandwagon.  Only way to see what we have is to get playing time.   A couple of wins would be nice but I have no issues with using these games to see what we have.

BRJ: I think before answering this question, take time to consider the future plans for all of these guys.  Johnson was the first to be rumored to be moving to another position, TE I believe.  Dennison has seemingly will be auditioning for a new position seeing that he has fallen off the QB depth chart (who would of thought he would have been one of the few bright spots on special teams.)  And then Davis, who I wonder if he isnt fried as a Quarterback going forward.  You have to wonder if Warden isnt the only viable option at quarterback right now.  I dont think there is another reason other than saving Warden's redshirt at this point starting Davis or Dennison, either way you have to hope that they can just "manage" the game at the very least.  Other than that, I dont think your going to get much more from them than that.

BCBull: At this point, play the QB who gives the team the best chance to win games. Both remaining games should be winnable, and the program needs some sort of momentum heading into preparations for next year. I don't care about experience or eligibility at this point. Win a game, especially against teams you should beat.

3) Scary thought for the week; EMU beat Ball State and the Cards needed overtime to take down the Zips. Does Buffalo get a third win this season?

Chi Town: I don’t see this team winning another game this season. Last week, I was convinced with Zordich getting better with every snap, that we would have a good shot of finishing the season 3-0. If Jerry Davis finishes the season at QB, I say we have a .1% chance of winning a game. If anyone else starts, I say we have a 5% chance of winning.

2010: No.  Our offense is so stagnant that I just do not see UB getting enough points to win.  After this past game I have no confidence that we can compete with this  offense.

BRJ: Whats even scarier is that EMU scored 30 pts this weekend on WMU.  When I saw that, I immediately thought "there is no way UB can score 30 points."  A third win?  With the offense being as pathetic as it has been, they have a hard enough time scoring 14 pts.  Unless they put two and two together, its going to be hard to get that third win.  God, that was depressing to write.

BCBull: Yes.  EMU and Akron are both worse than the Bulls.

4) This year UB had to break in a large number of new receivers, next season the Bulls will have to rebuild their defensive backfield. What do you need to see these last two weeks, and out of whom, in order to feel like the Bulls secondary will be ok.

Chi Town: I really like Okoye Houston. I think he is going to be a big time player for us next year. I think Carlos Lammons is a guy that has to step his game up, or it could be a tough year for the secondary next year. Coming out of high school, Lammons was one of our higher rated recruits and he has not played like it at all. I will be keeping an eye on Lammons for sure.

2010: I sure hope that the seniors get the chance to end their career on the field.  I know what is best for the team is to have the youngsters getting some reps.  I just would like to have these talented seniors able to play a boatload of minutes to end their career as a way to thank them for the best four years of football in half a decade.  I would like to see the newbies get some reps but let the big four get to end their college careers playing.  I do have major concerns regarding our secondary next year.

BRJ: This one is easy.  I want to see Lammons not get toasted when he is in the game.  I didnt even see Ball State's late first half touchdown, but when I got back to my seat, and heard who the DB back was on the play, I wasnt surprised.

BCBull: Replenishing the defensive backfield is a concern, but from my perspective the offense is so much more of an issue that the defense could have no dropoff whatsoever and it wouldn't make much a difference. Plus, I have more confidence in Coach Inge and the defensive staff than Coach Quinn and the offense.

5) Sum up your number one frustration with this years coaching staff, and what is the number one thing you like about them going forward.

Chi Town: The fact that all Quinn talked about was how exciting, high powered, and fast this offense was. It has been the exact opposite of that. Boring, low powered and slow. Everyone looks confused out there, especially when Davis is at the helm. I just don’t understand how 10 weeks in to a season, an offense can look so bad. The lone bright spot has been the recruiting. The staff has done a solid job getting verbal’s from all over the place, while still getting some top NY talent. Time will tell if the recruits pan out, but on paper, the staff has done a good job recruiting.

2010: My frustration is the lack of passion from the players and the constant repeatable mistakes.  I have lost all confidence in this coaching staff.  I do not see the players progressing and making plays.  The ego of this coaching staff is biting them in the backside now.  Why install a spread Offense when we have good senior running backs and an offensive line built to run a traditional running game.  Add a QB who we knew was going to struggle and very young WR’s.  I just do not understand why this coaching staff did not take what would give UB the best chance to win this year and change the system as the players hopefully start arriving on campus.  I just do not understand the coaching this year and feel that this year was a total waste of time.   Not only did the record stink but the majority of the players did not progress.

BRJ:  Number #1 frustration, should be no surprise to anyone, the fact that they have no use for a fullback in this offense.  Through out the year, they have yet to prove to me, they can do anything on short yardage situations other than lose yards on every attempt.  The Ball State game was downright pathetic when it came to this.  Sometimes football boils down to being able to knock the other guy out of the way.  Call me old fashioned.

Number #1 Like.  This is going to sound crazy, but Coach Quinn's determination to stick with his system.  Football is full of coaches who are so wishy washy or try to over think everything.  I like the fact that Coach Quinn has a direction he wants to take, and he has the guts to stick to it.  He could of came into UB, saw what he had to work with, and gradually worked his system in, but then your just delaying what you are trying to accomplish.  I think he knew  they would take some lumps for it, but probably figures on getting them out of the way, and now he has players who are more familiar with his system.  It also allows him to see which players will work in his system, and which ones wont.  It gives him a better understanding of what he is needing when it comes to recruiting.
BCBull: My absolute #1 concern with the coaching staff has been the execution of Quinn's offense. It's been a transition year, yes, but it's seemed like too often the best players aren't playing and the plays being called aren't really the best for the situation. Going forward, I'm excited to see the coaching staff get another year with the defense. The secondary needs to be rebuilt, but the front seven could carry the whole team