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Bowl Predictions: The MAC won't be sending anybody to a BCS Bowl

That's about all that is set in stone for the MAC at this point. The conference has a history of completely disregarding anything worth seeding when selecting who goes where. It's usually a mutual decision based on what teams will draw best where. Hence in 2008 Buffalo went to the International Bowl.

As much as people like to slam Detroit (and with a name like "The Pizza Bowl" its deserved) what it offers is an easy day drive for almost every MAC team save Temple and maybe NIU. Here are the MAC Bowl Ties ins up this year:

Primary Bowl Agreements:

Bowl Payout MAC Team Opponent Team
Little Ceasers 750,000 MAC #1 NIU Big10 #8 Illinois
GoDaddy 750,000 MAC #2 Temple Sun Belt FIU
uDrove 750,000 MAC #3 Ohio WAC Boise/Hawaii

Not a lot in in doubt here except who goes where. These three teams and Toledo are going to go Bowling, almost everyone I have seen has these four which is fitting as they are the only Quality teams in the conference right now.

Toledo could easily get slated for the "Pizza, Pizza Bowl". This might work for both parties as Toledo would save a ton of money on a bowl which is about an hours drive from campus and because it looks like the Big Ten *might* seed a #8 this year though Illinois did not do themselves any favors this week. The Big Ten also has a heck of a lot of candidates for a second Birth in the BCS bowls.

GoDaddy is a good location but the Sun Belt is really in the gutter this year. FIU leads the pack right now in terms of conference games but needs to win out for six wins.

uDrove is going to be a money hole for whatever MAC team gets there. It's not about the weather MAC fans are hearty folk, but the ticket cost to Boise may be prohibitive to fans. In the unlikely event Boise Does not get slated to a BCS bowl I still think they will snatch a better at large leaving Hawaii or Nevada as the fill in.

Secondary Bowl Agreements:

Backup Bowl Payout MAC Team Opponent Team Opponent Team
BBVA Compass 900,000 Backup WMU SEC #9 Georgia BigEast #5 Connecticut
TicketCity 1,200,000 Backup Toledo Big 10 #7 Penn State Big 12 #8 Texas Tech

The MAC had a backup with the Papa Johns Bowl (now known as the BBVA Compass Bowl) I don't now if the agreement survived the change in sponsorship but if it did there is an outside shot as the SEC is struggling to get their full slate of Bowl Games.

At Large Openings:

At-Large Bowl
Payout MAC Team Opponent Team Opponent Team
New Mexico Bowl 750,000 At-Large Miami WAC #2 Hawaii/Nevada MWC #5 Air Force/Open
MAACO Las Vegas 1,000,000 At-Large WMU PAC10 #5 UCLA MWC #1 TCU/Utah

Speaking of struggling to fill slots USC is causing mass Chaos in the PAC10 where they can't bowl but are making sure to dent the chances of other teams making it. If they beat UCLA the Las Vegas Bowl will be opening up a slot and WMU, if they win out may have a crack at it.

New Mexico also may open up if Boise gets selected as Air Force will be the #4 team open for a bowl Game.

Is it better to send more teams? If the MAC sends five, or *snicker* six teams and four of them get pasted it reflects poorly on the conference. But if the top four go out and win three or more games it may help the perception of the conference a bit, what say you?