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Whos Talking Bull?

With Basketball Season Winding down <a href=""></a>Titus Robinson</a> and the BasketBulls are starting to get their press.
With Basketball Season Winding down www.buffalobulls.comTitus Robinson and the BasketBulls are starting to get their press.


One-On-One with UB’s Titus Robinson | Buffalo News Video College Basketball Preview: One-On-One with UB’s Titus Robinson

Campus Watch - Big 4 College Basketball Preview How will Western New York's Big 4 colleges -- UB, Canisius, Niagara and St. Bonaventure -- fare in this year's basketball season? News Sports Reporters Bob DiCesare and Rodney McKissic break it down.

Getting The Job Done - The Spectrum - Opinion (Great Opinion Piece by Matthew Parrino over at the Spectrum) - In sports, coaches generally focus on winning above all else even though most will tell you otherwise. Witherspoon wants to win and deals with the MAC Championship losses on a daily basis. He thinks about what could have happened and what things might have been like if they'd won just one.

A season 4 change - Colleges - The Buffalo News Alterations are tailored for new leaders to step into expanded roles on Western New York's Division I men's basketball teams.

Football (Buffalo):

Sports is in the blood for the Brey family - UB Football - The Buffalo News - Brey aspires to remain in the game long after his playing days are over. In that regard, he's an apple that hasn't fallen far from the tree. His father, Mike, is the basketball coach at Notre Dame. Kyle's grandfather was a high school athletic director, his grandmother a swim coach at George Washington. Breys tend to latch onto a sport and fully embrace it, even if his father has tried to dissuade him from turning it into a career.

Football (MAC):

Doctor Steinbrecher's Fabtabulous Weather Machine - Hustle Belt (Amazing take on the Game last night) Miami 24, Bowling Green 21 — The actual score in the grand scheme of the universe, however, was: Fog 63, Humanity 3.

FalconBlog- Another defeat on last play of the game.... Bowling Green and Miami "went from the Mud Bowl to the Fog Bowl. By the end of the game, it was impossible to see the play on the field from the stands."

Football (NCAA):

The Claims, Sources, and Denials of the Cameron Newton Saga - Team Speed Kills This Cam Newton saga has been a difficult one to keep a handle on. So, I've gone through all the reports I could find to pull out who exactly said what. I did my best to be complete, so if something is missing, please leave a comment. (Think of this as cliffnotes on the drama/comedy/tragedy of Cam Newton)

Other UB Sports:

UB OK facing Oklahoma - Sports - The Buffalo News
UB will see where it stands against the one of the nation's best at 3 p.m. Friday at Alumni Arena when the eighth-ranked Sooners visit for the first time.