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MAC Blogger Round Table


This weeks round table is hosted by "Fire Up Chips", off we go.

Fire Up Chips: Northern Illinois has maintained steam from the primordial ooze of preseason rankings, while the Ohio Bobcat are building steam and look like they could make a return trip to Detroit. With only a handful of games left, which teams do you foresee playing in Detroit?

Temple seems to have gotten their passing game in gear, dropping the dead weight they had behind center to start the year helps. Stewart is a stand up guy and a leader but not the passing QB Temple needed to compliment their running game. Ohio or maybe even Miami have a real shot at taking the division but right now I lean Temple.

With Toledo now having injury issues and with WMU not cast aside nobody stands between NIU and Detroit.

Fire Up Chips: I Since it is my turn this week, I would like to bring my fellow knights a problem which has vexed both peasant and gentry class alike in Mt. Pleasant.

"Dust thou thinkest that Sir. Dan Enos should be banished from the goodly folk of Mt. Pleasant for his blackguard performance and 2 - 7 record thus far? There is much talk in all reaches of the Central Michigan Kingdom that he has squandered our season with a playbook so bad it must be from France! What say you!"

At this point in a coaches first season the better question is "should he have been hired" not "should we get rid of him". For the record I don't think Enos was a good hire, CMU could have done a lot better than him, hell they could have pulled Mark D'Onofrio from Temple (who I thought should have been on Buffalo's list).

Buffalo fans are in the same spot with Quinn. UB has been awful in no small part becaure we brought in a 'system coach'. The problem with System Coaches is you bring in guys hell bent on doing it their way even if the players have spen 4 years leaning someone completely different this causes a ton of pain in year one and sometimes in year two but eventually pays off.

Fire Up Chips: If you accept the premise that the playing field in completely level in the MAC, then shouldn't long time coaches like Bill Cubit at Western Michigan and Martin at Kent State have to win a championship within 10 years or risk being fired?

No MAC school spends the kind of money that is required to cross from 'they should win' to 'they better win, or else'. Temple is maybe the only school that outspends the other by enough to demand that level of success.

Cubit has done well enough to stay on, he has taken his team to Bowls and piled up an impressive record over his tenure.

Martin should be a gone after this year beased on the perpetual fail in which Kent football finds itself.

Fire Up Chips: Who is your front runner for MAC Coach of The Year?

Mike Haywood has easily done the most with his team out of any of the coaches this season. If Miami holds up its level of play and gets to seven or more wins he should be a shoe in.

Fire Up Chips: What is your favorite Michael J. Fox movie from his golden era of film making 1984 - 1986?

Back to the Future

VI. Rank em' from FIRST to WORST   

  1. NIU
  2. Temple
  3. Toledo
  4. Ohio
  5. Miami
  6. WMU
  7. Kent
  8. Bowling Green
  9. CMU
  10. EMU
  11. BSU
  12. Buffalo
  13. Akron