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MAC Power Rankings, Are there any heroes left in this conference?

Rank Team Super Hero Comment
1 Northern Illinois Batman: Just when you think you have seen every tool in Coach Kill's utility belt he plays the first half in a mostly 4WR set! The ascension of Chandler Harnish as a pure passing threat keeps Gotham safe
2 Temple Superman: The only time Superman finds himself in trouble is when someone out plans him and or has kryptonite. Coach kill out thought Golden and Dekalb is Owl Kryptonite
3 Central Michigan Apache Chief: After spending years towering over the MAC the Chips may take a year or two down at the height of your average MAC Team
4 Toledo Night Crawler: Several weeks ago it looked like the Rockets might be filling the MAC west Power vacuum, then *BAMF* they're gone
5 Ohio Ghost Rider: This team constantly seems like it's on the brink of death in the MAC this year, yet their destruction of Bowling green showed that they are not to be take lightly
6 Buffalo Jubilee: Jeff Quinn and company have promised a lot of fire works, but so far the Bulls have proved to be harmless, except to themselves
7 Western Michigan Angel: They can do very impressive things through the air but aside from that they are an extremely uninteresting team.
8 Miami Professor X: Both because Miami is a great school and because it seems they have used the power of suggestion to sell the illusion things have changed
9 Kent State Turbo: Kent's defense can really help them take a beating but their offense is awful which is still a bit better than their special teams
10 Bowling Green Seer: Bowling Greens superpower is the ability to heal others. So far they have helped Buffalo and Ohio get over some painful times
11 Ball State Morph: You never know what you'll see when Ball State comes calling. They will either crush you or turnover the ball like its going out of style
12 Eastern Michigan Ice Man: It's been years since the Eagles generated any kind of heat, their 22 game losing streak is almost as cold as any in football
13 Akron Aquaman: Nobody can patrol the depths of the MAC quite like Akron who's quest to get a win continues yet another week.