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MAC Blogger Pickem: Week 6

Just because UB has the week off does not mean we should ignore the rest of the conference, does it? Anyway MAC Blogger Pick'em is back for more with Lets go Rockets out of the lead for the first time.

This is, I think, the first time in two years I have held the lead the last time I came even close I completely blew the next week.

There are eight games this week (four in conference and the same number of out of conference). Temple/NIU is easily the must watch game this week most people have had this checked as the 'MACC preview game going back to the spring.

The Wagon Wheel is up for grabs and Kent would *really* not like to be the team that Akron first beats this year (more so than any other team in the MAC).

I'm also interested in seeing if BSU's defense was for real last week and WMU will give them a chance to do just that. Should the cards win watch out, they will be 3-3 and 2-0 in conference.

Out of conference looks like a series of blood baths (and not the good kind). EMU might jump up and surprise Vandy or CMU might enjoy Va Tech's propensity to play only at their oppositions level and no higher. But Boise needs style points, bad, so look for them to pour it on Toledo.

This week I'd like to open up the picking to fans, well sort of open it up. Post your picks in the comments section and I will maintain a weekly comparison between Fans and Bloggers.

Games, and Picks after the Jump



Favorite Comp Spread Underdog Preview
BSU -5.01 wmu The MAC Daily
temple -5.85 NIU The Owls Nest
Temple FB Forever
Red and Black
OHIO -6.69 bgsu Falcon Blog
VA TECH -12.4 cmu -
VANDY -14.25 emu Eagle Totem
KENT -18.56 akron Van Delay
CINCINNATI -21.63 miami Hustle Belt
BOISE -41.26 toledo Let's go Rockets


As always Picks are straight up and may be changed up to kickoff.

wmu @ bsu temple @ niu bgsu @ ohio cmu @ va tech emu @ vandy akron @ kent miami @ cincy toledo @ boise
wmu* temple ohio va tech vandy kent miami* boise
wmu* niu* ohio va tech vandy kent cincy boise
wmu* niu* ohio va tech vandy kent cincy boise
wmu* temple ohio va tech vandy kent cincy boise
wmu* temple ohio va tech vandy kent cincy boise
wmu* temple ohio va tech vandy kent cincy boise
bsu temple ohio va tech vandy kent cincy boise
bsu temple ohio va tech vandy kent cincy boise


Ballot Notes:

Last week a lot of the bloggers got burned with their upset picks, this week it seems picking dogs has went out of style as there are at most two dogs on any one blogger plate.

Poochie: WMU is easily this weeks Poochie. The computer has them as dog to BSU but MAC Blogger are for the most part unsure if the CMU game was a fluke. The only folks taking BSU in this game are Over the Pylon and The Owls Nest

Road Warriors: Western Michigan and Temple tie for the honor each with six of the eight ballots selecting them. Because Temple is the bigger favorite (by 0.84) they win the title this week

Home Boyz: Everyone but BSU, NIU, and Cincinnati are consensus favorites.

Kennel Club Member: Falcon Blog is in a tie with Fire Up Chips and The MAC Daily. He wins the tiebreaker because his Miami Pickr is more daring than the NIU game that FUC and TMD selected.

Dog Hater: OTP and The Owls nest have each decided to go dog free this week. The last time any blog went without a dog was week two. You know the week Gardner Webb beat Akron and Liberty beat BSU.

Dare Devil: Falcon Blog runs away with this weeks dare devil decoder ring by Picking Miami of Ohio over Cincinnati. If the RedHawks pull that one off it will easily be the best pick of the year.