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Daily Bull

In Kansas news: Is gill not the guy or did Mangino Leave the Cupboard Bare? RockChalkTalk would like to know. Speaking of Gill The Bulls check in at 95 in the Rivals 120 at 1:20 But the best quote was about Kansas - wonder if at some point during last week's 55-7 debacle at Baylor, first-year coach Turner Gill looked out on the field and said, "Man, I had more defensive talent at Buffalo."

SBNation MAC blog hustle belt has published his MAC Power Rankings Buffalo starts creeping up a bit. UB now sits at seven. The bad news is we play five of the six teams in front of us.

The Spectrum talks about Mens Soccer faced tough weekend competition And came away 0-1-1. Womens Soccrer managed a win now they are trying to build on momentum, The women's soccer team brought a six-game losing streak into last weekend's games, and after two hard fought matches, they broke the string, barely.

In other MAC news: