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Daily Bull

via <a href="">UB Athletics</a>
via UB Athletics

Rodney McKissic with some high praise for the Bulls' defense He calls this game better than the affair against Rhode Island, and its hard to argue with him on that. UB Athletics does it's own praising.

The Buffalo News Game Analysis Nothing that has not been said, but they say it well

The Spectrum focuses on the offensive nightmare in Bowling Green 

"I was lost for words, I can't even tell you, after all the things our defense did up until that point, all we needed to do is support them and take care of the ball".

I seriously doubt he was lost for words, but you couldn't print what I yelled out either.

UB's next opponent Beat up on Akron and is preparing for Temple. Northens Illinois and Temple, UB's next two foes, meet up this coming weekend when NIU and Temple play in DeKalb.

Bulls, Dukes Battle to 1-1 Draw - Buffalo Athletics UB Mens Soccer is now 4-5-1 on the season/

Womens Volley Ball hit Road woes on weekend trip UB's volley ball team after tearing through their non conference schedule has hit a wall in the MAC. After two losses on the road they are not losers of three straight and sit at just 1-3 in conference play.