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MAC Power Rankings

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1 TEM   Through parts of this game Temple looked perfectly average, but they did what good teams do when they have key injuries Find a way to win
2 NIU 2 NIU Is starting to produce like the preseason favorite in the West, Akron had the bad luck of being there the week after the Huskies got it together
3 TOL -1 Clearly there are still some issues for the rockets to deal with, but Wyoming is better than their record indicates, Toledo is still easily a top team in the MAC right now.
4 OU 3 Whatever Solich said to fire up the bobcats at the half should be preserved for the ages. Some worries coming out, but a win is a win
5 BSU 7 OTP recently said the Cards were the team to watch in conference play 306 yards against one of the better defenses in the MAC agrees
6 CMU -3 So their claim to fame is playing Temple Close and Beating the crap out of EMU. Now the whooping at BSU drops them
7 BUF 2 If you could marry Buffalo's defense with some team discipline and a competent offense they would be a very scary team in the MAC this season
8 MIA 2 Look out! Miami is now 3-2 and 2-0 in conference play. Kents defense is no slouch so the Miami passing attack may be for real
9 BG -3 Not a game the falcons should have even been in! Not the same team w/o Schilz but the passing game was not their only issue today
10 KENT -6 Folks have been calling me out for being too high on the Flashes, point taken adjustment made. They have done nothing this season
11 WMU -3 Less than 200 yards of offense and less than 100 rushing. Very ugly offensive effort for WMU, given how high reputation has been keeping them they fall far
12 EMU -1 Thought the Eagles were close to turning a corner. Then Quarter Three. Downs, punt, punt, downs. They will have easier games than Ohio, but not much easier
13 AKR   Start to finish this weeks game was what you have come to expect out of Akron football. Next time you commemorate a historic victory wait until after the game