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MAC Power Rankings

Rank Team Movie Why
1 Northern Illinois The Blob: NIU started the season as slight favorite in the West Division but they have grown, and grown, devouring every squad in site.
2 Temple Friday the 13th: Left for dead years ago at Camp "Big East" the Owl's have risen, well on track to reach their second Bowl in as many years.
3 Toledo Parasite: Toledo has spent the past several years the rockets have been a bug in the west, now they are something that can really hurt you
4 Ohio Killer Clowns from Outerspace: They started the season looking all cute , cuddly, and safe but as the weeks go on they get more and more dangerous
5 Miami Hellraiser: Miami, picked by many to be a cellar dweller is definitely raising a little hell in the MAC. At 3-0 in conference the RedHawks are all alone in first
6 Central Michigan Childs Play: CMU used to be a bad mofo until, while dying, they put their souls into the body a team that could lose to Miami and Ball State.
7 Eastern Michigan Return of the Living Dead: EMU was presumed dead after they blew early season games against Army and Miami, but now they walk among us, with a win.
8 Western Michigan Lost Boys: Aside from an FCS Win and a cake walk against the Cards WMU has been a squad of lost boys. Given the way they play it’s a safe bet to assume they are sleeping during the day
9 Buffalo Nightmare on Elm Street: Sorry Buffalo fans there will be no waking up from the nightmare that is one of the worst offenses in the confernce.
10 Kent State Prom Night: This season was supposed to be Kent's big night, but it seems that bad habits of the past always come back to haunt the Flashes
11 Ball State Children of the Corn: One minute you're sitting in a diner, just enjoying your breakfast, the next those little punks from EMU waltz in and gut you.
12 Bowling Green Poltergeist:Game in and game out evil spirits seem to visit Bowling Green, often these specters start out kind, but they always end up stealing hope in the end.
13 Akron Day of the Dead: Akron seems to limp into every game with the enthusiasm of a corpse, unfortunately in Akron's case the dead have no bite