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Week Seven, Nobody expects the Buffalo Inquisition

This week Bull Run does it's blog exchange with the 'Dean' of SBNation MAC blogs. Mike Breese brought his 'Red and Black Attack' to the nation some years ago and paved the way for many of the Mid Major blogs that would follow, including Bull Run.


You can my answers to his questions here

Bull Run: How has the win over Temple changed fans perceptions and expectations of the Huskies this year.

It really hasn't changed all that much. We knew that it was going to be a tough game going in and we usually lose games like these against strong opponents. It's refreshing to see the Huskies actually live up to expectations this season rather than disappoint like the team did five years ago. Now we just have to keep winning and everything will hopefully fall into place.

Bull Run:  What in the world was up with Coach Kill Benching Harnish for the first game?

I guess DeMarcus Grady "won" the job because he was first string throughout spring and fall camp. Harnish was healthy, but I guess he wasn't ready to play against Iowa State? DeMarcus Grady had all the opportunities in the world, but now he is relegated to third string. I don't really get the rationale. If Harnish was in, we win that game hands down.

Bull Run: If you were UB's defensive coordinator how would you attack NIU's offense?

NIU's offense is really, really hard to stop right now. I think that first of all you have to shut down the running game. I know Buffalo has a really strong secondary, so make us win it through the air. But don't forget about Chad Spann at RB and Harnish when he's outside of the pocket.

Bull Run: If you were UB's offensive coordinator how would you attack NIU's defense?

I'd attack through the air early and often. Arguably our best player on defense SS Tracy Wilson is banged up with a really bad groin injury. The defense has improved leaps and bounds since the Iowa State game, but they were the only big-time spread offense we've faced this season and were able to move the ball. Just don't even try to run the ball against us though.

Bull Run: Have you seen anything about UB that gives you pause this week?

Their defense looks awesome (especially the secondary) and I'm scared of Chandler Harnish throwing an interception or two. He's been playing out of his mind lately and eventually he's going to drop back to the earth. On offense, I'm a little scared to see what the Bulls are capable of when they don't turn the ball over.

Bull Run: Assuming you guys win the MAC this season is Coach Kill gone?

What? I hope not. He'll be around for at least a couple more years. You don't see Gary Patterson leaving his job at TCU anytime soon, do you? NIU has a lot to offer and is a prime spot to be a power with it's proximity to the Chicago area.