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How did UB's 2010 foes do last week?

Every week Bull Run takes a look at how each of the teams we have, or will, play this season did during the past week.

This week of course all eyes were on DeKalb where Temple and NIU squared off. Both teams are expected to win their divisions and UB plays them back to back starting this week.

Other games that may have caught our eyes was the Bowling Green Ohio match up. Buffalo should have destroyed the Falcons last week so we might get an idea as to weather or not Ohio is beatable. A win over Ohio would get UB on 'the inside track' to a six or seven win season regardless of how well we hold up against the Owls and Huskies.

Finally I was very interested in the Ball State game, BSU dismantled what was supposed to be a pretty good Central Michigan team in their own house. If that was the real Ball State football team then there would be concrete reason to worry when they come calling in Amherst later this season.

Starting this week when two future opponents play I am jut going to do one snippet for the game like the NIU/Temple and BG/Ohio games.

Opponent Sagarin Change W L Conf W L Last
Rhode Island 183 -14
2 3
CAA 1 1
L: 7-26 Will & Mary
Baylor 43 -5
4 2
Big12 1 1
L: 38-45 Texas Tech
UCF 48
3 2 CUSA 1
0 W: 42-7 UAB
Connecticut 76 -19
3 3
BigEast 0 1
L: 27-24 Rutgers
Bowling Green 142 -36 1 5
MAC 0 2
L: 49-25 Ohio
N. Illinois 67 18
2 MAC 2
0 W: 31-17 Temple
Temple 65
-8 4 2
MAC 1 1
L: 31-17 NIU
Miami (OH) 106
3 3
MAC 2 0 L: 45-3 Cincinnati
Ohio 91 12
3 3 MAC 2
1 W: 49-25 BGSU
Ball State 124 -3
2 4
MAC 1 1
L: 45-16 WMU
E. Michigan 189 -15 0 6
MAC 0 3 L 52-6 Vandy
Akron 212 -23 0 6 MAC 0 2 L: 28-17 Kent
Total 112  -
29 41 0.414



Rhode Island: Ram's failed 81 yard drive sums up their loss to William and Mary

Final - 10.9.2010 1 2 3 4 Total
Rhode Island
0 7 0 0
William and Mary
0 13 0 13

Rhode Island was seeking its second upset win in a row over a conference mate but the Rams just did could not execute when it counted against The Tribe.

The Rams quickly fell behind 13-0 but managed a touchdown before halftime to close within a score. Midway through the third the Rams orchestrated a twelve play, eighty one yard drive into the redzone. On fourth and Goal coach Trainer elected to attempt go for the touchdown and failed on the three yard line.

William and Mary would put together their own long drive (9 yards) chewing up nearly ten minutes and put the game out of reach when Courtland Marriner pounded it in from three yards out. The tribe would add one more insurance touchdown after a quick offensive sputter by the rams.

Up Next: Delaware

Baylor: Comeback attempt get's raided.

Robert Griffin's 400 total yards of offense was not enough to offset Taylor Potts 450+ yards passing. For 15 years Baylor has fallen to Texas Tech. The Loss puts the bears at 4-2 as they hit the heart of Big 12 play.

Baylor blew multiple chances, including a drive inside the ten that ended with a 4th and 16. Baylor had one last opportunity with just under a minute left from their own 34 . The Bears drove to the Tech 31, but time expired before they got off a final play.

Up Next: Colorado

UCF finally took to conference play and the demolished UAB in doing it. The Knights defense scored two touchdowns and held the Balzers to just over 250 total yards.

Jeffery Godfree throw for 137 yards and ran for a team high 80 more as the Knights Offense managed to push around the UAB defense throughout the game.

A 23-yard TD catch by Patrick Hearn on fourth down gave UAB its only score in the third quarter, one of the few big plays UCF's defense allowed.

Up Next: Marshall


Seldom does a game epitomize 'choke' like the UConn Rutgers game.

Coming out of the first half UConn held to a seven point lead. That lead would hold for most of the second half, then with 4:08 left the Huskies punted away to Rutgers who took over on their own 48 yard line. On the very next play Chas Dodd threw a 52-yard touchdown pass to Mark Harrison to tie the game with just :53 remaining.

UConn answered the strike with a three and out but their defense held fast getting Randy Edsall's squad the ball with just over two minutes left. Rather than make something happen the Huskies offense would again sputter giving Rutgers one last chance with 1:21 left in the game.

A 45 yard pass got the Knights into field goal range and with less than 15 seconds left San San Te knocked home a 34-yard field goal to seal the game.

UConn's second half drives went as follows: punt, punt, punt, punt, punt, interception. No drive in the second half was longer than eight plays and three of those drives, the three in the final quarter, went without a first down.

Up Next: A chance to get their first conference win of the year against Louisville.

Bowing Green/Ohio: Falcons help anouther MAC east team start to turn it around.


With five minutes gone in the first Bowling Green's Brian Wright knocked home a 22 yard FG. That would be the last time in the game that the Falcons were a factor. Behind three first half touchdown passes from Boo Jackson and Vince Davidson two yard plunge the Bobcats would put the Falcons out of the game by halftime (28-3).

Devon Fletcher would open up the scoring for Ohio in the second half when he picked ot Matt Schilz and returned it 55 yards to open up a 35-3 lead. Bowling Green would score 22 second half points (two touchdowns with two point conversions and one td with a failed attempt).

The Falcons suffered 52 yards in penalties and an awful rate of 5-13 on third downs. Meanwhile the Bobcats exploded, facing just seven third downs the entire game.

Up Next:

Ohio - A chance to play with the Chew Toy of the MAC East, Akron.

Bowling Green - Likely a blood bath at Temple

NIU/Temple: Huskies Put the MAC on notice 'Reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated'


I have to admit this one caught me by surprise. I wrote off the win over Minnesota because the Gophers are terrible this season, it's likely that if they were in the MAC they would struggle to put together four conference wins but I digress.

NIU did everything they could to giftwrap this game for Temple, starting with an early turnover that led to a 7-0 Owl lead. But to the credit of Coach Kills team the Huskies never lost their game. Answering each Temple first half score with one of their own to go into half time tied at 17.

In the second half the Huskies completely shut down Temple, well not completely. Temple drove 59 yards on their first possession only to miss a field goal. From that point on the game belonged to Northern Illinois. The Owl's offense would manage just one more drive better than nine yards as they were plagued by bad penalties, poor passing, and some questionable blocking up front.

I walked away from this game with a new respect for Harnish, I've always liked him as a QB but he was phenomenal when flushed from the pocket in this game. On the other side I have to wonder how much more leash Stewart is going to get? Mike Gibson of Temple Football Forever has been harping on the TU passing game all season and I don't think the most recent performance will mellow him out any.

Second Verse, Same as the first! Miami's rumored improvement exposed.


Ok so I will say that the RedHawks are better this year, but the beat down at the hands of Butch Jones show that they are not that much better. Cincinnati has had their own struggles this season but after giving Oklahoma a run for their money it seems they have started to fall into a rythm. The BearCats dropped 45 first half points on Miami, and cruise through the second half.

Zach Collaros threw a 48-yard touchdown pass to Binns on just the second play of the game. Collaros finished 14 of 17 for 216 yards, leaving midway through the third quarter.

On the ground Isaiah Pead broke a an 80-yard touchdown run and a 69-yard run that set up another score, carrying 10 times for 197 yards.

It's not all bad news for Miami, the Hawks are still 3-3 and 2-0 in MAC play, leading the east.

Next up: Central Michigan

Ball State: Will the real slim Cardy please stand up?


Alex Carder shredded the Cardinals for 265 yards in the air and sixty six yards on the ground, including three rushing touchdowns as the Bronco's put up almost 500 yards of offense on Stan Parrish's crew.

Western Michigan built a four touchdown lead before the cards managed to get on the board when Eric Williams broke a 41 yard touchdown carry, they then proceeded to miss the extra point.

Starting QB Keith Wenning's first pass was a pick six and he did not make it out of the first half as Coach Parrish seems to have resumed his annual game of musical Quarterbacks.

Next Up: Ball State takes on EMU, hoping not to be 'The Team' that get the Eagles off the schnide.

Eastern Michigan: EMU Sunk by Vanserbilt

For one quarter EMU hung with an SEC team, then they were rudely reminded that they were in fact Eastern Michigan. By the time the second quarter was over the Eagle were down four touchdown to a Vanderbilt team who may not get another win this season.

The Eagles would manage just over two hundred yards of offense, the bulk of that coming on a first quarter 72 yard drive that ended with a field goal. Thirteen EMU drives were shorter than eight plays, nine ended in punts, two in turnovers, and one on downs.

Vanderbilt had no trouble moving the ball as they put up seven drives of better than 50 yards dropping more than 550 during the game.

Next up: Ball State, one of the few winnable games left on the Eagles schedule (even then they are big underdogs)

Akron: Flashes to Zip's, Lego out Wheel!


If you didn't think the Zips season could sink much lower then my friend you have not been watching Akron football this year. After Jumping out to a 7-0 lead and holding Kent on the next series the Zips lined up deep in their own end. The Zips line gave Patrick Nicely all day, you could have timed him with a sun dial, and the best he does is put the ball right in the hands of Luke Wollet. Wollet, by the way, plays for Kent and took the ball 12 yards for the score.

That was the first of three Nicely pics on the day, not wanting to be one dimensional Nicely also managed to fumble the ball over to Kent.

Next Up: Ohio