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Hate week, NIU!

One of the main reasons one might want to move their site to SBNation is the community. A lot of the writers here have developed a hatred for their rivals which is a shining example to us all. As Buffalo only rebooted it's FBS program a decade ago there is not a whole lot of hatred out there.

Aside from Temple I don't really hate any team in the MAC (and even then it's more of an annoyance than a hatred). So I am forced to everyone UB Plays, starting now! It helps that this week opponent just put a huge target on their chest by dumping the preseason favorite Owls like a bad habit.

What Follows is half fact, half fiction and all hate. It should be obvious what is real and what is hate but if you're confused you probably attended NIU at some point. Drop a note and I'll explain the difference to you ;)

Nerds1_medium Fact: NIU was founded as an attempt to weed out the unpopular kids!

In 1895 a group of students at what would become Illinois State University were so despised that then Governor John P. Altgeld set up a satellite campus miles away in DeKalb to keep the peace. Not content with being geographically separated from these misfits the students at Illinois State lobbied to have the DeKalb campus deemed its own university.


Fact: For 37 years the men at NIU were banished to the woods!

In 1915 Indoor plumbing and Mirrors made their way to DeKalb, as a result a dorm for the females students was quickly constructed. Men at NIU would remain forest dwellers as were their fathers, and grandfathers. In 1952 Gilbert Hall was constructed for the Men in an attempt to keep local livestock safe.

Homer_20simpson_medium Fact: Homer Simpson is based on the the NIU faculty!

Dan Castellaneta once was overheard saying that Homer Simpson is loosely based on a language arts professor at NIU, though to this day nobody knows which professor he was talking about.

As an aside Krusty the Clown was based on his roommate.


Fact: NIU Athletics was started on a drunken bet!

In 1899 a group of NIU students decided to form the first collegiate beer pong team. Unfortunately they waited until after their first match to announce the teams name. The inebriated captain was trying to tell everyone that they were "120 Proof", he was so drunk he sounded like he was saying 120 Profs.. Until the 20's their athletics teams were knows as the Profs.

Barbed_20wire_20playpen_medium Fact: Joseph Glidden started a now underground Cult in DeKalb

Barbed Wire was invented by Joseph Glidden was an attempt to fence off DeKalb from the outside world. His religious sect, the Gliddians, held the town for several weeks until they ran out of Chicago beer, and prostitutes. Without women from another city, or alcohol to make their own female citizens look more appealing the sect quickly fell apart.

Ardent Gliddians persist to this day, starting every morning in their shrine to Glidden and Coach Kill.