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US Against Them Grid: Buffalo at Baylor

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Why Buffalo Edge Match Edge Why Baylor
Game one for Buffalo proved that there is life after Naaman Roosevelt. Coach Quinn did exactly what he promised to do: Get the young receivers ready and spread the ball around. Put this together with Baylor's young defensive backs and Davis could have a field day UB O
Weak Edge for Baylor Youth be dammed! Baylor's defensive backs are fast and may have little trouble keeping up with UB's receivers. Baylor also benefits from the very questionable running game that Buffalo brings to the table. If things don't click well between Davis and his receivers UB does not have a lot of other options.
For the first time in years Buffalo has the speed to deal with a mobile quarterback. This combined with the fact that Baylor is breaking in new wrinkles to their offense may make containment possible UB D
Strong Edge for Baylor Robert Griffin and the 4 by 100 team that they call a receiving corps. Their hands are nothing special but unless Griffin is pressured they will have more than enough time to get open, and get open often.
We have a punter now! UB may have a crack at not losing the field position battle every time they have to punt. ST's Strong Edge for Baylor If Rhode Island can make our return coverage team look bad image what a B12 team, even a mediocre big 12 team, can do to us.
All Hail Quinn, the king has made Rivers a reliable recover and the spread offense look natural to a team that has been pro set for years Weak Edge for Buffalo Coach In two years Baylor has moved laterally despite a decent set of athletes. This could be the make or break year for Coach Briles