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MAC Power Rankings, Week three!

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Rank Change Comment
1 TEM First win out of conference against an FBS team this year for the MAC, the fact it was Uconn is just icing on the cake
2 CMU Showing why they ran Temple into OT. With WMU off to bad start and NIU struggling they may be the front runners in the west.
3 TOL 1 Aside from being 2-0 in conference I would not walk away from this game too happy.. You don’t get six turnovers too often.
4 KENT -1 Same old story for Kent, their Defense can keep them in just about any game, but when you can't score you won't win.
5 BG 3 Huge, Huge win. They are still rebuilding but way further ahead of where many thought they would be.
6 NIU -1 Respectable game against Illinois, if they showed up in the third or second quarter they would have won. Stick with Harnish coach Kill.
7 OU -1 Well they scored, so there's that, but they looked like a middle of the pack MAC team against a national power.
8 WMU -1 How do you put up double the yards of your opponent and lose? Six turnovers, carder 4 picks brings him down to earth
9 MIA 1 How long has it been since we've been able to say this: "Miami destroyed their opponents this week" I know its CSU, but still
10 BUF -1 No fire in UB's offense, UCF is a favorite to win their division but the Bulls have to be concerned at just 10 points.
11 EMU EMU has one, maybe two more winnable games this season and even in those they are not favored
12 BSU They were in it against Purdue considering that they doubled you up on yards and held you to less than 100 through the air
13 AKR Well the did a good job not turning the ball over, but once UK got sick of the zips hanging around it was over