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MAC Power Rankings, Week #2

Rank Change Comment
1 1 Temple Earned the #1 spot by knocking off CMU, but it was scary. Temple might be using a different QB before November
2 3 Playing one of the top three teams in the conference to OT gives you a bump, But with all the mistakes there is work to be done.
3 - Hung in there nice with BC, but their special teams and offense just can't be trusted. Does that sound at all like 2009?
4 3 They walked into Athens and ended all the talk about how the East has achieved Parity with the West.
5 -2 Playing an FCS team to the wire is not enough to keep your spot. NIU was one dropped pass away from joining Akron and BSU
6 -5 Wow! Well I guess you can lump my in with the folks who have been seriously overestimate Ohio, Now Temple is the team to beat.
7 2 At least one MAC team easily took care of an FCS team today. Plus two for Western Michigan taking care of business.
8 -2 Well the Falcons did better than the last time they played Tulsa, not much better mind you but they did not lose a bowl this time.
9 -1 Buffalo has not looked that outclassed in since 2006. Once the airbrushing of an FCS foe is gone this team has serious warts
10 1 They have equaled their win tally from last year and have looked far beyond where they were last season so far
11 1 Two weeks, two last minute losses, this time instead of giving up points they failed to score them
12 -2 Two years in a row BSU has lost to an FCS team, well at least they don't have to worry about counting two FCS wins towards a bowl.
13 - Bringing in the conference first loss of the decade to an FCS team, in OT. Because of this you stay behind the pillow fight losers.