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MAC Power Rankings, Week 1

- I had them as the first going into the weekend and they did not do anything to lose it.
- Temple better thank their sweet and fluffy Maker Nova' did not kill the clock with two minutes left. Nova is a solid team so they hold #2 despite the close call.
+1 I know they were just an FCS cupcake but Kent held Morgan to -65 yards rushing. Kent's defense is back but what happened to Jarvis?
-1 NIU falls only one spot, after all ISU was the best opponent among the top five. They need to do something at QB if they want to stay here.
- Like Buffalo, Kent, and Ball state the beat a cupcake and looked good doing it. A little weird seeing so many hand offs by CMU but it worked
+1 They almost pulled the upset on the road, and Troy is a respectable FBS team. That and Toledo's stinker bumps the falcons up.
-1 You knew the defense was going to struggle but there was some hope the offense would look respectable, wrong.
+1 Relax Bull fans, you just beat the EMU of the Colonial Athletic Association. If Davis, Rivers, and Neutz look half that good against Baylor, then get excited
-1 The good? MSU was held to less than 30% on 3rd downs. The Bad? WMU only held them to 11 3rd downs.
- Once BSU Adjusted they easily dispatched SEMO. Someone clue in coach Parish that you don't actually have to wait until half time to adjust your defense.
+1 I don't think too many teams in the conference would have done better, but the mistakes (by players and coaches) killed them. Miami did everything right except close drives!
+1 EMU hung around, but in the End they could not get their first win. I was really hoping I would be wrong about this game, and up until that last Army drive it looked like I might be
-2 About what I expected out of Akron this week, But EMU's effort and Miami's performance drop the Zips to last