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MAC Blogger Roundtable

This Weeks MAC Blogger round table will be hosted by Eastern Michigan Eagles.As per usual the host blog sends out some questions to the panel and gathers together the best replies.

1. For the season, excluding intraconference matches, MAC teams are 0-10 against Football Bowl Subdivision opponents. Which MAC team will be the first to record an out-of-conference win against any FBS team?

Miami will shock a lot of people and take down Colorado this week! CSU is pretty bad, and they are travelling pretty far for their game in oxford. Failing Miami, look for Bowling Green to maybe upset Marshall. I think the Herd played over their head last week and are primed for a let down.

2. Three teams -- Akron, EMU, and Bowling Green -- remain winless; when will each team record a win? Temple is undefeated; when will they take their first loss?

Temple will lose this week, they may pull an upset but I would not hold my breath on that. If, somehow, the Owls make it through UConn they will drop a game to Penn State.

EMU could go without a win the rest of the year, if they do win one it will probably be against Ball State or *shudder* Buffalo. While I think both teams are better than the Eagles they are most assuredly in the Eagles range of fire.

Akron might be done for the year, they end with Miami, BSU, and Buffalo (Miami and Buffalo are home games) so they might steal one in the waning weeks but after the display against Gardner Webb I don't think that team knows how to win.

3. Although teams have only played two games, that is nearly 17% of the season. How has your team's performance so far compared to your preseason expectations? What key factors will you be watching over the next two weeks?

Might be the wrong time to ask me. I hate to be the guy that says 'We played better than the score' but that is indeed what happened in Waco.

On Defense A hand full of huge plays buried us, in three series it went from 10-3 (in the second) to 27-3 and they never looked back. I expected UB to give up 28-35 points so that did not surprise.

The surprise, and disappointment was on offense. I had thought Davis would have looked a little better against the Bears but aside from that everyone is where I thought they would be. Alex Neutz dropped a sure touchdown in the 4th, and the Bulls missed a make able field goal. The would have made it 34-16, which is about where I thought we would be.

4. This Saturday, Central Michigan visits EMU. The last time they played in Ypsilanti (2008), a school-record 26,188 fans turned out to see the teams run 174 plays, combining for 1,171 total yards of offense, 15 touchdowns, and 108 points. How many people will show up at Rynearson Stadium this Saturday, and how many yards of offense and points scored will they see?

EMU is about three plays from being 2-0 right now, and CMU just lost a tough game to Temple. If Either team was 2-0 coming in I think you would be looking at challenging that record, if both were 2-0 you would most definitely break the record. But as things stand I would be surprised to see 18,000 and if you do they will be CMU fans.

5. Rank 'em, worst to first.
  1. Temple
  2. Central Michigan
  3. Kent
  4. Toledo
  5. Northern Illinois
  6. Ohio
  7. Western Michigan
  8. Bowling Green
  9. Buffalo
  10. Miami
  11. Eastern Michigan
  12. Ball State
  13. Akron