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MAC Blogger Roundtable Week 3

This weeks Blogger roundtable is host by "Let's Go Rockets". Other MAC Blogs participating are:

LGR: What would you say is the biggest story line in the MAC so far this season? Surprises, injuries, etc?

Either the ascent of Toledo or the general FAIL being put on in Dekalb right now, take your pick.

Toledo had to replace some key players, and they got totally spanked in week one. The Rockets have bounced back to expose the Bobcats and trounce WMU. If Ohio is even close to 'for real' this could be a really ugly season for anyone who has Toledo on their schedule.

Northern Illinois, on the other hand, should have had at least two wins by now. Obviously coach Kill's health situation is not helpful but even putting that aside the week one QB decision was terrible and the Huskies have been playing really uninspired football.

LGR) Which other team in college football most closely mirrors your respective MAC school (whether it be personnel / talent, coaching, reputation, injuries, etc.) ?

In terms of obstacles this season Cincinnati is pretty close, as close as anyone I can think of, to what Buffalo has to overcome. They have a new coach, new QB, new guys in at the skill positions.

LGR) If you had to select one player from any other MAC team to add to your roster -- which player would you choose and why ?

Brandon McManus from Temple. I know it seems silly to pick a kicker when you have your choice of anyone in the conference but UB has talent at most other positions. The kicking game cost us against UCF, at least six points. We lost a whole slew of games last year on missed FG's or because a 40 yarder was considered a 'risk'.

Until you've have perpetually bad kicking you can't appreciate how much you need someone who can drop a 45 yarder eighty percent of the time. Just ask Akron.

LGR) What have the first three games of this season showed you about your team ?

That despite fevent hopes and the sacrifice of several small animals UB's rebuilding year is just that, a rebuilding year.

LGR) Rank the MAC Teams: 1 to 13.
  1. Temple
  2. Central Michigan
  3. Toledo
  4. Kent
  5. Bowling Green
  6. Northern Illinois
  7. Ohio
  8. Western Michigan
  9. Miami
  10. Buffalo
  11. Eastern Michigan
  12. Ball State
  13. Akron