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How did our 2010 opponents do this week

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Opponent Sagarin Change W L Conf W L Last
Rhode Island 176 37 1 2 CAA 1 0 W 28-25 UNH
Baylor 64 -3 2 1 Big12 0 0 L 10-45 TCU
UCF 70 16 2 1 CUSA 0 0 W 24-10 Buffalo
Connecticut 83 -3 1 2 BigEast 0 0 L 16-30 Temple
BowlingGreen 90 18 1 2 MAC 0 0 W 44-28 Marshall
N. Illinois 116 4 1 2 MAC 0 0 L 22-28 Illinois
Temple 46 14 3 0 MAC 1 0 W 30-16 Connecticut
Miami (OH) 89 17 2 1 MAC 1 0 W 31 -10 ColeradoSt
Ohio 105 8 1 2 MAC 0 1 L 7-43 OSU
Ball State 143 3 1 2 MAC 0 0 L 13-24 Purdue
E. Michigan 174 1 0 3 MAC 0 2 L 14-52 CMU
Akron 187 7 0 3 MAC 0 0 L 10-47 Kentucky
Total 122
10 14 0.417 2 2 0.500

Rhode Island: Rhode Island Rams upset New Hampshire 29-25

For folks who don't follow the FCS at all, this is akin to EMU beating Oklahoma or Nebraska. It was such a big win that Sargin jumps the rams 37 spots after their defeat of the eights ranked wildcats.

The Wildcats jumped all over the Rams, going up 15-3 after the first quarter, but Rhode Island started the long climb back into the game when Steve Probst's second quarter touchdown pass got the rams within a score. By halftime there were only down two.

The rams would take the lead 21-18 midway through the fourth quarter and New Hampshire would answer right back. With two minutes left James Timmins would recover a fumble and scamper 39 yards to seal the game.

Baylor:Gets beat down by 'rival' TCU 45-10

Are they really a rival when you have not beat them in fifteen years? Are they a rival when they are a potential BCS bowl game invitee and you will be lucky to bowl?
Well they are if you're Baylor. In a beat down that made the UB Baylor game look competitive! TCU dominated every aspect of the game, Baylor was sloppy and the Horned Frog made them pay for it.

RGIII apologized after the game, trying to summon that ol' Tebow Magic but given the strength of the Big12 south this game might be a harbinger of things to come.

Connecticut: Lost the 'Big one' to Temple 30-16

I like that a MAC team took UConn behind the woodshed, I don't like that we have to play them the week after temple heaped years of frustration upon the broken bodies of the Huskies.

UConn could not get their passing game going, and what was a close game in the 4th turned into a laughter when Temple took advantage of some god awful special teams.

I just hope that UConn is thinking 'fluke' so that Buffalo does not walk into that game against a team that is out for blood.

TheUConn Blog Reacts, and Temple Football Forever celebrates

Bowling Green: Last man standing against Marshall 44-28

Marshall was not a factor in the MAC when I stopped following the NFL and started following college football but Marshall hate is not something you need to have been there to enjoy. Several of their 'classy' fans were all over talking smack about the conference so to watch Bowling Green shove it down their throats was cathartic.
The Falcons jumped all over the heard getting out to a 21-0 lead, and would lead 28-7 late in the second. Marshall would storm back to tie the game 28-28 but the Falcons would have no more of those shenanigans and closed the door with several interceptions. Marshall turned the ball over six times.

Northern Illinois: Just out gunned against Illinois 28-22

The Huskies led for a decent portion of this game but NIU gave up 300_ rushing yards, and you can probabaly count on one hand how many times a team does that and wins.

For what it's worth Harnish looked great, especially running the ball but the fumble in the fourth quarter, and the sieve run defense doomed NIU in this game.

Red And Black Attack's take

Temple: Gave UConn their Comeuppance  30-16

There is no doubt that Temple is the team to beat in the MAC, while Bowling Greens win over Marshall is nice Temple can now say they are the only team in the MAC who has beaten a member of a BCS conference.
Bernard Pierce finally showed up rolling for 169 and two touchdowns and Temples defense would shake up UConn enough to force some god awful throws.

Miami: Crushes CSU 28 - 10

Granted CSU is an awful team, but two wins in a row for Miami shows that the RedHawks remember where the end zone is. Miami picked off Thomas twice, taking one back to the house
Miami gave up more than 300 yards but most of that was in the 4th Quarter (150) when the game was well in hand. 

Ohio: Cats beaten like a dog! 43-7

Well, we all saw this coming. The Bobcats averaged just 2.6 plays per drive during the first half and did not manage a drive of more than four plays until late in the third quarter.
One the other side of the ball the Buckeyes move the ball for 438 yards, and committed no penalties during the drubbing. Even if Ohio had lived up to expectations this year this would have been a beat down, but with the Bobcats struggling even in conference play this was a massacre.

At least the Mascot tried to get OU into the game..

Ball State: At least this time it was an FBS team! BSU downed 24-13

In a game nowhere near as close as the score indicates the Boilermakers feasted on Ball State 24-13. BSU gave up 400+ yards to Purdue, out gained by more than 150.

What BSU did was run the ball pretty well, and they spread it around, the Cards put up an impressive 150 but their quarterback woes continue to muffle their offense.

Eastern Michigan heart breaking loss to Miami 28-21
The Good news, 20K in paid attendance! the bad news EMU stunk it up on the field, for the 15th straight time! Sure you put up 400 yards of offense, 28 for every point you scored.

But you're EMU! You could put up 800 yards and find a way to score under three touchdowns. My greatest fear as a Bulls fan is that they keep playing like this until they get to Amherst and then find the right combination of meds to cure whatever the hell is going on in Yipsi!

Akron Still has Zip in the win column after a 43-7 loss

Got to hand it to the Zips, four about 25 minutes they were in this game, the defense showed up. Of course the offense sputtered (see the dropped pass pictured to the left) but still it looked to be one of those games where a scrappy 95 pound weakling stood on his feet long enough to kick the bully square between the legs.

Instead the Bully decided he was tired of toying with his prey and stomped the kid into the ground.