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Do the Secondary Shuffle

NOTE THIS IS A SWAG! (I have not seen the two deep for the UCF game, right now all I have are a couple of tweets from McKissic, when (and if) UB posts their media guide for this game I will confirm.

Ok Disclaimer aside here are the personnel notes floating around. on the Line Housey is listed as probable, and we could use him because UCF is starting a freshman for the first time and he sis behind suspect pass protection.

The real tweets of interest were around the secondary

Lott, who started the year as a backup to Josh Thomas takes starting corner back spot left open because Cook is sliding to strong safety in place of Ray Anthony Long. Accounting for *just those two changes* makes the backfield look like this:

table.tableizer-table {border: 1px solid #CCC; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px;} .tableizer-table td {padding: 4px; margin: 3px; border: 1px solid #ccc;}.tableizer-table th {background-color: #104E8B; color: #FFF; font-weight: bold;}
POS Starter Second String Third String Fourth String
CB 22 – Sherrod Lott 31 – Carlos Lammons    
SS 25 – Domonic Cook 20 – Ray Anthony Long 8 – Issac Baugh  
FS 7 – Davonte Shannon 30 – Okoye Houston 9 – Alan Hayes 37 – John Sanders
CB 15 – Josh Thomas 17 – Joe Petit  

I don't know for sure if these moves are due to injury or because Quinn saw something ugly while the Bears were mauling us. I suspect, judging by the blown coverages against Baylor that it's the later.