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Davonte Shannon Record Countdown

The Davonte Shannon UB Record Countdown

Solo Total Forced
Tackles Tackles Fubles
17 90 2

The pace for needed to break the records is:

Solo Total Forced
Tackles Tackles Fubles
1.9 10 .22

On the season Davonte has sixteen solo tackles and twenty four total tackles.

He has Passed Mike Newton for third all time in total tackles.
  • 236 - Craig Guest
  • 220 - JJ Gibson
  • 219 - Davonte Shannon
  • 197 - Mike Newton
He has passed J.J. Gibson and Mike Newton to take fourth in solo tackles
  • 455 - Craig Guest
  • 402 - Mike Laipple
  • 376 - Pete Conley
  • 365 - Davonte Shannon
Aside from Shannon Marcus Rivers is on pace to put his name in the record books. Naaman Roosevelt's 1402 yard 2008 season, the most in UB history, looks pretty safe but Drew Haddad's 1,158 yards (1997) which sits at number two is starting to look a bit vulnerable. Rivers is at 310 for the season, if he makes it through Temple still averaging 100 yards a game I may throw something up for him.