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Daily Bull: While you were taking the day off

The Buffalo News looks into Quinns past experience installing the spread offense. The change at central Michigan was ever more dramatic than at Buffalo. Where as Turner Gill had used a few spread formations the Chips were purely a grind it out team before Kelly/Quinn came to town.

You and I may have had the day off yesterday but coaches had to work, including Baylor's Art Briles. He talked with the Media about Buffalo Cincinnati.
Whereas now, when we are looking at them, we are looking at a Cincinnati team because that is where the head coach is from, that is where the defensive coordinator is from and they are mirroring what Cincinnati has done for the last four or five years. Buffalo now is very similar to what Cincinnati has been the last few years under (current Notre Dame head coach) Brian Kelly and these guys. That is what we are going by. We have watched them on tape but schematically we have not studied what Buffalo was.
Speaking of Baylor, there is some chatter on their fan board about Buffalo, thus far pretty respectful yet confident but it's early in the week, trolls might just be rolling our of bed.
If you've been under a rock you may have missed that Buffalo's new coach had a better debut against an FCS squad than it's old coach had swallowing his first cupcake.

Hustle Belt has Buffalo Ranked 6th in the conference (and doubts they will get any higher than that this season). I would find his lack of faith disturbing, but anyone who keeps NIU at #2 after Iowa State took them behind the woodshed is clearly just mistaken.

Looking outside of football the Womens Volley Ball team is off to its best start in nearly two decades. after dominating at the "UB Invitational" the Bulls are sitting pretty at 6-1 and first in the MAC East. UB Scuttled Navy, Swatted the Delaware Hornets, and condemning the Central Connecticut devils, to take their home tournament.

The Men's Soccer team has not been fairing so well, getting crushed by Big Ten squads from Penn State and Ohio. The Women did get their first win of the season taking out St. Bonaventure.