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Daily Bull: Save us Jobi Wan, You're our only hope!

Ok I think I have my first (good) player nickname to my credit. Thanks to Matthew Parrino at the spectrum who's article 'Help is on the Way' looks into this years recruit, and local star Joe Licata or, as I now know him, Jobi Wan Kenobi. We joked about the article towards the end of last night's podcast 'last bull in', I think our best show yet (Thanks Ben and Matt).

If you've even sniffed in the direction of UB football this season you might have figured out the brightest spot so far is the performance of Marcus Rivers, Mckissic covers that and some other things in his daily links section.

Jordan Jerrold will get the start at Center in place of Matt Ostrowski, who is hopefully on the mend.

Bob DiCesare has a great story about this weeks, fan selected, game ball winner, Khalil Mack.

The Volleyball team finished their out of conference slate at 12-4 after pounding the Griffs in straight sets. This sets up what will hopefully be their best season in years.

Finally, hockey kicks off this weekend, Do you have a student ID and the ability to walk 500 feet from campus? Go catch a game, or two, this weekend (it's only three dollars if you're not a student). I'll try to have a little something up on Bull Run for Hockey, but with the cut over to SBNation and trying to get "Last Bull In" off the ground I am stretched pretty thin.