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Daily Bull: One or two things might need fixing

Rodney McKissic has a piece up about UB's struggles on third down. He also has more on the minor shakeup in the secondary. Meanwhile his partner in crime, Bob DiCesare, has a great story about how this might plug a hole that nobody expected in the secondary.

Down in enemy territory the Orlando Sentinel blog has posted my end of our blog exchange.There is still no word on who will start at QB for the Knights but there are some insights given if you talk to UCF's wide receivers coach.

Completely not related to the MAC and a bit aged is this story about the WAC preparing to sue Nevada, Fresno, and the MWC to keep them in the conference until 2012 (Perhaps betting that the Mayans were right and there is no point keeping them longer).

Getting away from Football for a moment UB Landed its first basketball recruit this season. and the Volleyball team has a huge weekend, playing four games.

Dan Bishop is returning to UB to join the wrestling staff