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Daily Bull: Media Preview Pallooza


First we have to get media previews out of the way.  Nice preview from the Buffalo News, And another from the news WGR has a rather generic preview, The Niagara Gazette fulfills the weekly quota of local media calling UB "The Bills".

Hey Bronstein:

U ≠ I
Bulls ≠ Bills

Metro WNY also gets in on preview Palloza with This Piece.

The Party Crasher this week is Hustle Belt, which is very, very sour on Buffalo this year.
"No matter how many gobs of touchdowns UB can greedily hoard, it won't really change people's minds that they're going to be anything but a MAC East also-ran."
Long time MAC Blogger Van Delay has Buffalo winning 42-7

I know it's football kickoff day but I would be remiss if I did not congratulate the Womens volleyball team for a solid victory over Niagara (Last years MAAC champs). The ladies are off to a 3-1 start this season, it's probably the best V-Ball team UB has sported in years. They play their  home opener this Friday as they host the University at Buffalo Invitational.