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Daily Bull: Get well soon Matt!

UB Offensive lineman Matt Ostrowski had successful surgery this weekend to repair a broken fibula and tibia suffered against UCF this weekend. The injury, of course, ends his 2010 season but he is expected to back up on his feet in no time.

Rodney McKissic is reporting that Jordan Jerrold will take Ostrowski's place on the line.

I don't expect the UConn game to be any prettier than the UCF game, in fact it may be much uglier, but you can watch it on TV.

While Randy Edsall is sticking with Zack Frazer, Fans are somewhat less enthusiastic about the choice.

In case you missed it, OU has officially offered an Apology for this:

The unplanned assault on Brutus Buckeye by R.U.F.U.S that bobcat was the highlight of the game, everything after that was OSU taking the bobcats behind the woodshed. OU banned the guy inside of the RUFUS costume from having anything to do with OU football games in the future (arguably not really a punishment this season).

Men's and Women's tennis is in full swing.

The Men dominated at the Farnsworth/Princeton Invitational. Vusa Hove and Alex Kalinin win a doubles title, each man also also reached the D flight singles championship at the tournament but the match was not played.

Kira Golenko claimed a consolation bracket championship against fellow Bull Marta Stoyanova at the Cornell Invitational.

The Volleyball team lost a couple of heart beakers but still walked away form the West Point Challenge 2-2, to move to 11-4 on the season