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Daily Bull: EA Sports hates the Bulls, Quinn hates the Hudini Fish

Jock Post has put up a mildly diverting piece about the results of their NACC 11 simulations run. EA Sports is not looking kindly on UB (4% chance of winning the MAC)
  • Northern Illinois (36%)
  • Temple (24%)
  • Central Michigan (24%)
  • Ohio (4%)
  • Buffalo (4%)
  • W. Michigan (4%)
  • Toledo (4%)
Speaking of hatred, take a look at Coach Quinn's reaction when he loses a fish while talking to the Buffalo News (3:30) How would you like to walk back over to the sideline after putting one on the turf.

The Buffalo News discusses Brandon Oliver as UB's 'feature back', Our friends over at the UB Spectrum also look at the choice.

The Spectrum Sports section has a great series of articles on the football team.

Speaking of the football team, this weeks foe is hoping that their depth will be enough to give them a chance this week (18 returning starters)

If you're an out of towner, like me, UB's new streaming media package might interest you.

Speaking of Official UB Folk, the Athletics Department unveiled a newly designed website layout The content is better but I'm not a fan of 'Tickers' on websites. If they still require real player I swear I might just lose it.