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Daily Bull: Bringing you a keg of UB / RI highlights

I have not been shy in saying that the Bulls are facing an uphill battle this week. While I am sure coach Quinn and company have put week one behind them fans are allowed to dwell on the success, or failure, of their team for a bit longer. So site down and enjoy UB's new and improved Bulls-Eye

Looking ahead Jonah Bronstein looks at the hurdle that Baylor presents for Quinn's squad.

Sports Xchange blatantly rips off Rodney McKissic and the Buffalo News Here But hey what do you expect from an outfit that ripped me off, then called me McKissic! If you want to see the original Article check it out here.

Following up on Gill's first outing at KU, some are beginning to wonder if he is right for Kansas. Sheesh he inherited a team that lost 6 straight games and the bulk of its senior talent, give him a few weeks will ya?