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Cant make the game? There are options...

Radio: WECK
TV: Time Warner Cable
Streaming: Game Central

First the disclaimer, the only excuses for missing tonight's game are below:

1) You're in a coma! Or you are otherwise physically ill. Other conditions that fall under this are Ebola, West Nile, or any other serious infections disease (unless that disease is Bull Fever then get your butt down to the game).

Other medical reasons are things like 'Living in a plastic bubble' or getting treated for the bends.

2) You're in Prison! or you are otherwise incarcerated. Other forms of involuntary restrained include being grounded (for the young ones), or the in laws are in town for their once a year visit (for the older ones).

Other related excuses are that you *work* in a prison, brig, or other detention facility that keeps the rest of us safe from unscrupulous characters.
3) You have a really important job and you've used all your vacation time. You don't have to be president but you better have at least two people reporting to you if you want to use this excuse.

Albany law makes don't get to use this one! They so badly abuse SUNY students that buying a ticket and attending the game is the *least* they could do.
4) You live in the middle of nowhere! If you need smoke signals or a satellite phone to communicate with anyone then I guess you get a pass.

I suppose folks who live more than an with hour drive away get a pass, but only barely!

OK so if you meet one of these are you totally off the hook?

*NO* Unless you really do live in the middle of the Gobi desert there are other options.

If you can read this blog you can watch this game!

The Game Central Option is a new feature of, it's a paid stream (unlike some in the past that were free). I have been told that the change of providers will improve the quality, if you've tried live feeds in the past you'll know that the improvement will be most welcome. The price is not at all bad (price comparable to other sports package providers).
  • A single football game is $7.95
  • The "Football Package" includes the Rhode Island, UCF, Miami, and EMU games for $29.95 (just under $7.50 per game)
Think of it as a way to get a good feed (they can be hard to find), and contribute the the Athletics department.