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Bunduka Kargbo leaving the team

If Facebook is to be trusted, and I'm not certain that it should,  then Bunduka Kargbo is leaving Buffalo for, as of yet, unknown reasons.

Kargobo was part of Gills last recruiting class (2009) he was a two-time first team Large School All-Area (Upstate NY) selection by the Times Union at defensive back.

Yesterday Kargbo posted that he was leaving Buffalo:
See ya lata buffalo will remember the memories.... Thanx to everybody who meant sumtin to me..... Goodluck to my football nikkas do ya thang
Today his name is no longer on the roster at UB's football site and there is a gaping hole where is number (14 on the two deep) used to be.

Kargbo also facebooked (can any young technophile give me a better word for that) he had not yet decided where he was going to transfer to.
Idk yet zach look at some skools rite now ill be sure to let u kno tho