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Blog Poll top 25 is released, how I differ from the masses

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SB Nation Ranking # Bull Run Rank Delta
Alabama Crimson Tide (85) 1 Ohio St. Buckeyes 1
Ohio St. Buckeyes (14) 2 Alabama Crimson Tide -1
Oregon Ducks (1) 3 TCU Horned Frogs 1
TCU Horned Frogs (1) 4 Boise St. Broncos 1
Boise St. Broncos 5 Nebraska Cornhuskers 1
Nebraska Cornhuskers 6 Oregon Ducks -3
Texas Longhorns 7 Texas Longhorns -
Oklahoma Sooners (2) 8 Arkansas Razorbacks 2
Florida Gators 9 Oklahoma Sooners -1
Arkansas Razorbacks 10 LSU Tigers 6
Arizona Wildcats 11 Utah Utes 4
South Carolina Gamecocks 12 South Carolina Gamecocks -
Stanford Cardinal (1) 13 Stanford Cardinal -
Utah Utes 14 Florida Gators -5
Wisconsin Badgers 15 Miami Hurricanes 4
LSU Tigers 16 Wisconsin Badgers -1
Auburn Tigers 17 Penn St. Nittany Lions 6
Iowa Hawkeyes 18 Arizona Wildcats -7
Miami Hurricanes 19 Iowa Hawkeyes -1
Michigan Wolverines 20 USC Trojans 1
USC Trojans 21 Air Force Falcons 5
West Virginia Mountaineers 22 West Virginia Mountaineers -
Penn St. Nittany Lions 23 Pittsburgh Panthers 3
Nevada Wolf Pack 24 Temple Owls 2
Michigan St. Spartans 25 Virginia Tech Hokies 1

I only have a few huge delta's this weel
  • Air Force - After how tight they played a top ten team I could not bring myself to dump them. When VT got beat by Boise there was no rush to push them out of the top 25, so why is everyone being so hard on the Falcons who have a more difficult schedule than Boise.
  • Arizona - I have the cats way lower because I don't think the win is as quality as many are claiming. Time will tell if I am way off here but I suspect that Iowa is not everything people expected this year.
  • Penn State - I have a feeling that some folks saw the scoreboard against Kent and punished Penn State. This may be justified given all the turnovers but I'm not sold thats a systemic problem yet. So I have PSU a bit higher than most.
  • Florida - They have shown me nothing this year, and their habit of playing only in the second half is going to crush them once SEC play starts.
  • LSU - I have no reason, really, I just know they are a top 15 team and this seemed like the right spot to put them.