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Blog Exchange: The UConn Blog

For the third striagh week Bull Run is going into enemy territory to get a fans eye view of our opponents, this weeks for, UConn, has a great sbnation blog "The UConn Blog".  You wouldn't know it by the name but its a pretty creative outlet for fan pride and frustration, this week mostly frustration.

Andrew Porter manages the site and was kind enough to field some questions about this weeks game. Maybe it's just my fan hat but I have him selling us just a little bit short.

Bull Run: Coming into this season I would have put UConn at third in the Big East, obviously this season is not going your way, as someone who has not had a chance to see too many Husky games what is going wrong up there and how do you see the rest of the season playing out?

UConn: There have been three main problems with the Huskies this year. The first, and least problematic has been the d-line. It was weakened in the preseason by injuries and is pretty undersized, so they've had trouble stopping rushing attacks. Redshirt freshman Shamar Stephens is going to make his first start against Buffalo and at 6'5" and 300 pounds, he'll bring some needed heft.

The bigger problems for UConn have been a combination of offensive play calling and horrible, horrible quarterback play. After a nice winning streak to end last year where QB Zach Frazer seemed to be steadily improving there were high hopes. Now, not so much. The offense has relied mainly on short outs and bubble screens and anything thrown down field rarely winds up in the arms of a receiver. The running game has kept UConn afloat, but its not enough to compete at the level UConn should be competing at.

Bull Run: When Temple won this weekend I was elated that a MAC team took out a member of a BCS conference, but worried that this coming week UConn would take out all their agony on Buffalo. How have Coach Edsall's squads dealt with disappointing losses in past seasons?

UConn:  Well, the most recent example was against Texas Southern two weeks ago. Coming off a disappointing loss to Michigan, UConn handed out a 62-3 beat down. I'm sure Buffalo will bring a lot more to the table than Texas Southern did, but I'd expect that the Huskies will be looking to take out some frustrations.

Bull Run: What are your concerns, if any, about Buffalo's 2010 team?

UConn: I'll be honest, I don't have a ton of concerns. The last time we met at the International Bowl, Turner Gill had the Bulls riding high, but they still looked over matched against the Huskies. Despite the early struggles, this year's UConn team is more talented than the 2008 bunch, and I just can't see how Buffalo will be able to keep up.

Bull Run:  Last week UB hosted a team that waited until kickoff to reveal their starting QB, mainly do to a controversy. Given this I have to wonder if were walking into a similar situation this week. Aside from the rabid fan is Frazer safe?

UConn: Frazer is the No. 1 QB on the depth chart, and I'd expect Randy Edsall to stand by his man. Depending on how practice went this week I wouldn't be shocked if either of his backups overtook him, but I'm not expecting that. However, if Frazer struggles I'd expect to see a quick hook. Freshman Michael Box has apparently been impressive in practice and former starter Cody Endres just returned from a suspension. If the mood on our site is any indicator, fans are ready for a change from Frazer, but it is all up to Edsall.

Bull Run: If UB pulls off the upset, right now we are 21 point dog's, what changes need to happen for UConn?

UConn I can't even begin to imagine the changes UConn would need to make if they lose to Buffalo, but I'd imagine the words "revoke everybody's scholarships" might appear at some point.

Here is hoping we can force the 'revoke scholarship' option.