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Updated Blog Poll

One of the great things about the Blog poll as opposed to the AP or Coaches poll is that Football fans get a chance to provide feedback. After a few "What the hell" moments I went back and reviewed my ballot, The only changes I made was to slide the Hokies' up and moved Nebraska down.

Whenever I alter my Ballot I'll offer up a brief explanation:

Aside from the several threats I received from Tech fans (They are a crazy bunch) I realized that Suh was as important to the Huskers success last season as McCoy was to Teas and Tebow was to Florida (hence I picked him in the Bloggers Heisman Ballot last season). So Nebraska had to come down a bit.

Tech on the other hand keeps it's strength in the Backfield and in the other offensive skill positions. Their Defensive is a question mark but that's not the Hokies' strength. So I moved them up over TCU, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.