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Take two and Call me in the Morning

After the start of Quinn's Two-a-Days
The Bulls might be needing these

Football camp started for real today. No more running around getting the motions right, today it's full contact twice a day, every other day (per NCAA Rules).  Even the young, and physically fit athletes are starting to feel Quinns intensity:
My Legs are gone -- Brandon Oliver (Facebook)
And Oliver is no slouch! There are many that think, after his clutch backup work last season,  that he may challenge for the starting job, he will certainly be a candidate for serious playing time.

Bob DiCesare recently put up a great piece on the work being done by Coach Duval, to hear that the players are better conditioned and still worn out is a great sign that Quinn is pushing them hard, something that Gill did not do last summer (and something we say in the second half of several games).

While the workouts are grueling many of the players, linemen in particular, are usually happy to get the pads on.
"You get a little frustrated when the pads are off because you can’t go full speed. It was great, people were flying around and this is the fastest, strongest team we’ve ever had in my five years here. We’re all competitive and we all want to hit and you want to go up against the first team defense and show them what you got and make each other better.’’ -- Peter Bittner