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SB Nation Blog Poll

MGoBlog's College Football Blog Poll had been hosted on CBS Sports for some time, this year he is moving to SBNation. The Poll is a transparent, authentic weekly college football poll. More than 100 of the most knowledgeable college football bloggers representing fans from virtually every rooting interest align weekly to rank the Top 25 college football teams. Every ballot is available for review.

This year I am honored to be included as a participant in the poll. Other MAC Blogs in the poll are Over The Pylon, Falcon Blog, Lets Go Rockets, Red and Black Attack, and The Owl's Nest. Every week blogs that participate in the poll subject their preliminary ballots to the scrutiny of their readers, after feedback they can change their ballot before all the votes are counted.

The Pre Season top25 will be released Monday of next week so here is my preseason top 25, so where am I way off?