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Rumor Weed: Buffalo will be Playing Tennessee next season

Update: Someone reminded me that the 2011 Boston College game was gone because the Eagles renewed their series with Notre Dame. This move is a pay day and might save our home and home with BC, nice move by Warde and Company!

I knew it, I knew Kiffin was ducking UB! Now the Mrs. Kiffin is out west being crushed by NCAA sanctions the Vol's are going to give UB a crack at them. /sarcasm

Internet Rumors are stirring that Tennessee, in an effort to play eighjt home games in 2011 and avoid a difficult road game against a BCS conference foe is going to Buy out the Tar Heels and buy in Buffalo.
Athletic director Mike Hamilton confirmed plans on Tuesday morning to buy out of the two games with the Tar Heels slated to start next season with the Vols on the road, breaking up a potentially murderous stretch of games early in the season, allowing UT to add an eighth home game and lessen the degree of difficulty as coach Derek Dooley continues to build his program. The contracts aren't official at this point, but it appears that Mid-American Conference member Buffalo will slide into replace North Carolina. --
I seriously doubt this is any kind of 1:1 (but how cool would that be). So the question is how does Buffalo fit the Vol's in their 2011 out of conference schedule?
  • 9-3 @ Pittsburgh
  • 9-10 Stony Brook
  • 9-24 Connecticut
  • 10-8 @ Boston College
The simple answer is to buy out Stony Brook  and suffer through an ugly five home game season (although having games against an ACC, SEC, and two Big East teams does have a certain masochistic appeal). What might serve the program better would be a shift of either the Pitt or BC game to a later year. Though I can imagine that the folks in the athletic departments don't want to leave any of the teams with whom we have a 1:1 or 2:2 agreement in the lurch just before the season starts.