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Pre Season Poll #7: Most Likely to be Drafted

Unless you're a guaranteed first day pick in the NFL draft there is no telling what will happen. Mike Newton was a border line 7th who fell off into free agency, he is now 3rd on the Colt's depth chart and having a great Camp. Drew Willy was supposed to go in 5 or 6 before going to Free Agency landing with the Colt towards the end of last season.

On the flip side Trevor Scott was seen by many to be a free agent waiting to happen before Al Davis took a chance in the 7th. Scott is now one of the favorites to land the staring linebacker job at Oakland after finishing tied for first in sacks for the Raiders last season.

The point is so much goes into the draft that speculation at this point is borderline irresponsible... Enter Mel Kiper ;). You might be asking yourself:

I'm glad you asked. Mel Kiper is a football analyst for the ESPN and he has served as an analyst for ESPN's annual NFL draft coverage since 1984. There is no middle with Mel, you either respect him or mercilessly criticize every instance when his prognostications go wrong. Usually the line between the Kipper Camps fall along the professional / blogger line.

Bloggers, embittered by high hopes and burdened with a complete lack of accountability lash out. For instance, after Willy went undrafted and I realized I wasted an afternoon watching the NFL draft. It was then that  I began to write Kipper off. After all no matter how much you love football sitting through the draft ranks between a fight with the Wife and sitting in traffic, until Mel Kipper gives me those hours of my life back he is in my dog house.

Professional Jounro's like Rodney McKissic tend to be a bit more forgiving. Perhaps its because they bare a similar burden, maybe it's because that's what it takes to be in the club, or perhaps they are just nicer people. Whatever the reasons when they disagree  the Kip they tend to softly say so.
ESPN's Mel Kiper, Jr. lists the best draft-eligible prospects on every Football Bowl Subdivision program and has tailback Brandon Thermilus as UB's best prospect. I figured safety Davonte Shannon -- Rodney McKissic
Polite, correct, and well written. That's why McKissic gets paid to do this while I languish in ad-sense land. If it were me it would have went like this
ESPN's Mel Kiper, Jr. played pin the tail on the UB draft prospect landing closest to Brandon Thermilus as UB's best prospect. After using a cootie catcher to confirm Kipper informed the Press. Thermilus just beats out Shannon after Kipper Surprisingly went Red - Eight  rather than Blue - Six.
Hence I have to keep the day job.

No disrespect to Therm, he has been solid over the years despite starting his college career with a pretty serious injury. McKissic is spot on when he talks about Therm's size, power, and stock but This is going to be a deeper than average running back class and Term has never been 'The Guy' at Buffalo.

To top it off it looks like Running back by committee will be practiced in coach Quinn's offense at Buffalo. He was behind Starks and was slow enough out of the gate to give Nduka an in last season, this year we might not have a feature back. Shannon on the other hand has been all conference three time, has always been a fact and is pretty much guaranteed to be 'the guy'.

So am I off? Who is the most draft eligible Bull?

Most 'Draftable' Bull