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MAC Blogger Round Table

For several years MAC Bloggers have taken part in "The Mac Blogger Round Table". Every week one member gets to interrogate the members and then gather up the answers. This weeks inquisitor is the Ball State blog "Over The Pylon"

1.) Life is all about wins. What is the one premier upset the MAC will achieve this season that could gain this conference some national respectability?

Bull Run: There is no "one win" that's going to get the MAC any recognition. Even if Temple Beats Penn State, or if the Cardinals beat up Iowa nothing changes. Hell even if Dysert takes Florida apart it will only be seen as a fluke game.

If you want respectability this season we need great out of conference results from the majority of MAC teams. A laundry list of things that could improve the view of the MAC this year:
  • NIU needs to run the table
  • Temple or Buffalo needs to beat UConn
  • CMU needs to beat northwestern, 
  • Toledo needs to bear Arizona or Purdue
  • Top six MAC teams need to have a winning Record in OOC games against CUSA/SunBelt
  • Have a winning Bowl Record
2.) Talk about your own team for a minute... what's three things the blogosphere and their readers should know about your respective beloved team this season?
  1. Davonte Shannon has been forced to play in a 'hands off' defense for three years, that ends this season. MAC receivers are going to have to live in a world where Quinn wants him to bury someone on every play. He should break at least one and up to three school records this season.
  2. Buffalo has decided to forgo all of its experienced running backs (Nduka, Thermilus, Gill) for the red shirt freshman Brandon Oliver. Oliver is five or more inches shorter than the other backs but topped the depth chart by being the most 'shifty' back in camp.
  3. As the UCF game goes so goes Buffalo's season. As much as you hate to pin your hopes on one game, especially an out of conference game, UCF is about on par with NIU, Temple, Ohio and a couple of other teams on our schedule. If UB beats UCF, or plays it close, then six wins is a distinct possibility.
3.) What game on your schedule are you looking forward to the most? Why? If that game happens to be a nonconference game, what conference game are you looking forward to the most as well?

The home game against Temple, they are the closest thing we have to a rival in the campus and we owe them for last season.

4.) Who, besides Dan LeFevour will hurt their team the most by their departure? Conversely, what freshman in the MAC are you most looking forward to seeing?

Aside from LaFevour Antonio Brown is the biggest loss, so it really sucks to be a CMU fan right now. Sure their defense might help them ride to a bowl but they are far less frightening without Brown. The  Freshman I am most looking forward to seeing is Alex Neutz, a wide receiver trying to help Buffalo try to rebuild its receiving corps.

5.) MAC Power Poll... Rank 'em all, worst to first.
  1. Ohio
  2. Temple
  3. NIU
  4. Kent
  5. CMU
  6. Toledo
  7. Bowling Green
  8. WMU
  9. Buffalo
  10. Ball State
  11. Miami
  12. Akron
  13. EMU