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Quinn Scoring High Marks

Lord knows it has not been an event-less transitional period in Buffalo but Jeff Quinn, in the eyes of lost letterman, seems to have been one of the better pickups in the nation and the best of the three MAC Teams with new coaches.
Jeff Quinn (Buffalo)A
Previous Job Cincinnati Offensive Coordinator
To say Quinn is part of the Brian Kelly coaching tree is a bit of an understatement. He’s essentially been a Siamese twin, working under Kelly all the way back to Division II Grand Valley State. The good news is that Quinn has worked so closely with an incredibly successful coach. The bad news is that you’re hiring a coach who is on his own for the first time in 19 years. But for Buffalo, a mid-level MAC team at best, this is as good as it gets. It’ll be interesting to see how well he calls plays on his own, something he never did under Kelly. His interim head coaching gig in the 2010 Sugar Bowl was a bomb, but how would you like to go up against Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer to start your job?

So how did other MAC Schools do?

Dan Enos (Central Michigan): D
Previous Job: Michigan State Running Backs Coach
Apparently RB coaches are all the rage these days. Enos came into a program that averaged over 200 yards a game on the ground in 2004 and 2005. During his time from 2006-2009, the Spartans have come close to 200 yards just once and haven’t been better than 137 yards a game otherwise. Not exactly threatening. And Central loses quarterback Dan LeFevour plus its top two receivers and its top running back. For a man that isn’t considered an offensive guru, those loses could make for a long season.

Rob Ianello (Akron): C
Previous Job: Notre Dame Assistant Head Coach (offense)/Recruiting Coordinator
Ianello’s connection to Notre Dame’s offense can be both a positive and a red flag. For one, the offense was pretty solid last season despite the team’s overall mediocrity. But during the Weis era the offense wasn’t terribly consistent and as an offensive assistant head coach, Ianello has to share in that blame. Ianello does have experience recruiting in the Midwest as the recruiting coordinator at Notre Dame and Wisconsin before that, so he also has that going for him. And how much of getting great recruits to come to Notre Dame can Ianello really take credit for? The MAC East is pretty weak but Akron does draw the three top teams in the West (Western Michigan, Ball State and Northern Illinois).

Turner Gill also scored lower than Quinn, mainly because the site has 'lower expectations' for mid majors:

Turner Gill (Kansas): B
Previous Job: Buffalo Head Coach
There was essentially nothing in terms of a football program at Buffalo before Gill arrived. In the four previous seasons to his arrival, the Bulls notched five wins. Gill won five games in just his second season after a two-win season the year before. Gill managed to not just create an actual football team but one that won a conference title and reached a bowl game in 2008. He followed it up with another losing season and overall he has a sub-.500 record as a head coach after a devastating injury to his star RB. A slight worry. And the transition from the MAC to the Big 12 will be tough. The other problem is that there will be a huge adjustment in going from a Mike Leach-style offense to a more traditional attack, though Gill gives many offensive looks. Bottom line: The Jayhawks are in a much better position now than Buffalo was when Gill took over and that should get KU fans excited.