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James Pott's update

UB Recruit James Potts is not yet done paying back the money he owes American Heritage High School. The good news is that he has worked quite a bit of time, the bad news is that he still has 200 plus hours left to work, and from the sound of it he won't be given 40 hour weeks by his Alma Mater.
"He's got a long way to go,He's going to have to work through the fall. --  American Heritage Headmaster Bob Stone
From the Headmaster's comments it seems nearly a sure bet that Potts will miss some, if not all of camp he may even be late for the beginning of Classes towards the end of August. Despite the obstacles Potts is planning on getting up to Buffalo, at least according to his facebook page.

UB has had a history of holding a spot for kids that have trouble clearing such hurdles, obviously if his SAT qualified and he graduated his head is on straight enough now its just a matter of paying off his tuition. Worst Case Scenario is Potts will red shirt this season, while he really could have had an early impact having him get a year under his belt will only make him that much more dangerous.