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Can UB Benefit from the changes at Vandy? Probably not but hope springs eternal

According to TomDienhart Nashville is reporting that Vanderbilt head coach Bobby Johnson has decided to resign. So far there is nothing out there as to why he is stepping down but it may have something to do with a rather pessimistic outlook for 2010.

Oddly enough UB and Vandy end up sometimes competing for recruits (Like James Potts). Both schools are academically solid but Vandy is in the SEC so, usually, UB loses out head to head. This year UB might be able to put forward a better case with the head coach leaving the program several weeks before kickoff.

So who has both schools on their radar?

Tre Mason
Trip Thurman
Tony Daniel
Mike Wezgyn
D.J. Tyson
Herve Coby

Herve Coby, the Heritage School wideout, has been on the radar for some time (back to Gills tenure) but he has a gaggle of other offers. There is a chance that he may look UB's way. Most of the guys here holding Vandy Offers are also holding other SEC, Big10(12) and Big East offers so I would not hold my breath on them.