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Willis transfers to Kansas...

Well there seems to be some room on Turner Gills coat tails as Linebacker Darius Willis will be shuffling off to the Jay Hawks. Willis has a ton of potential at line backer but he never really panned out at the position here, in fact he was not even atop the two deep after spring practices, something which may have led to his departure from UB.

Willis at 6-foot-3, 245-pound Willis had been recruited by nearly every Big 12 school, as a linebacker. The high school star wanted a shot at quarterback but only Turner Gill in Buffalo was willing to give him a crack at quarterback, but by the time he managed the academic levels needed to play Zach Maynard had become the Heir Apparent for the position.

Willis missed his first season because of Academic issues and was plagued with injuries this past season so how well he will hold up in the Big12, or whats left of the Big 12 when he finally gets to play in 2011. starting in 2011 Willis will have three remaining seasons of eligibility and presumably he will only be up for a linebacker spot.

On a side note I am a little miffed that Gill allowed this to happen. Sure you can probably say that there is no foul here but it stinks to high heaven.I would have hoped that coach Gill would have done all he could to avoid being part of the transitional problems at UB.