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One year later

Bull Run turns one year old today.. Behind the numbers
  1. 494 Posts
  2. 45,000 hits
  3. 70,000 page views
  4. 22,000 misspellings
  5. 183 gripes about the defense
  6. 6 shots at Turner Gill
  7. 2,452 minutes of my wife & kids bothering me to get off the computer
  8. 2 UN resolutions against my postings
  9. 3 meetings with the president at camp David about the state of college football
Ok so only numbers 1, 2, and 3 are real (I suspect four, five, and seven may not be that far off). Its been a great year! Thanks to Brandon for doing baskteball and the folks over at BuffaloBullsSoftball. Also thanks to Buffalo Sports Daily and Buffalo Sports now for massive linkage. Most of all thanks to the readers who make Bull Run part of their daily reading