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MAC APR Scores.... Quinn has some cleaning up to do...

For all the good Turner Gill did for UB football the performance in the classroom was wanting, this was made very evident when the MAC APR rates came out this week. UB's 921 in football is the *highest* the team achieved under Turner Gill.

The Academic Progress Rate was established by the NCAA to measure the success or failure of collegiate athletic programs in moving their athletes towards graduation. Since February of 2005 three sports - football, basketball, and baseball - posted average APR scores below the NCAA-determined minimum level.

Teams that fail to achieve an APR score of 925 - equivalent to a 50% graduation rate - may be penalized with the loss of scholarships. A perfect score is 1000.  Each player on a given roster earns a maximum of two points per term, one for being academically eligible and one for staying with the institution. A team's APR is the total points of a team's roster at a given time divided by the total points possible. Since this results in a decimal number, the CAP decided to multiply it by 1,000 for ease of reference. Thus, a raw APR score of .925 translates into the 925 that will become the standard terminology.

MAC football

Northern Illinois: 975
Miami: 970
Western Michigan: 956
Ohio: 953
Central Michigan: 941
Ball State: 935
Toledo: 934
Eastern Michigan: 932
Bowling Green: 931
Kent State: 929
Akron : 927
Temple: 926
UB: 921

MAC men’s basketball

Western Michigan: 981
UB: 971
Miami: 967
Kent State: 954
Akron : 951
Eastern Michigan: 943
Northern Illinois: 939
Ohio: 934
Central Michigan: 926
Bowling Green: 922
Toledo: 895
Ball State: 863